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Boxing is one of the oldest of sports, dating back to Olympic times in 688 B.C and takes on many different names and nicknames. Pugilism, Sweet Science, Gentleman’s Sport are all different declarations of the sport and have been applied over the years, however, Boxing remains the staple name. Boxing gathers in an extremely large crowd of gamblers, punters and also enthusiast eager to get their hands on boxing tickets for a multitude of matches that feature some extremely talent members. Alongside the sport there is also the prospect of gambling on the sport and thrill of winning big as a result.

Boxing TicketsMany different fights take place every year with 100,000’s of boxing tickets being sold annually, spanning across various countries with numerous numbers of competitors from nations worldwide representing themselves and their country in various different duels of character, skill and determination. Through this, each individual boxer is classified via a weight class, a few being lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight. To some this may seem trivial but it does provide a very significant purpose. Different boxers placed into different weight classes off a different type of fight. Lighter boxers are more agile on their feet but provide a slightly less deadly punch and due to their genuinely small stature they cannot provide as much force as heavyweights do. Heavyweights have a much larger frame and strength coupled with this body size. However, what they make up in power they lack in agility and are generally less agile and slower due to their weight and size. Middleweights seem to fall in between and offer their own style to the sport but still cannot compete amongst the two. These place each participant in their own class and prevent anyone outside their respective weight class from competing in it.

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Boxing TicketsDue to the popularity of boxing as a sport world wide, tickets for boxing can be both plentiful and scarce at the same time. The sheer number of fans, particularly in the United States makes getting certain tickets extremely difficult despite how popular the fight may be. Furthermore this is fuelled by the lust for the luxurious ring side seats. In the sport of boxing, ringside seats are considered a god send, allowing the fans to immerse themselves in the action and literally smell, breathe and feel every moment. The intensity of the action up close is exhilarating and enthralling, opening up a brand new and enticing perspective for anyone lucky enough to gain the seats. Certain fighter gain much more credibility than others, with popular contenders gaining a huge following and extremely sought after tickets. Fighters such as Manny Pacquiao, Bernard Hopkins, Wladimir Klitscho and Miguel Cotto are among the top boxers of each of their respective weight classes and attract sell-out crowds almost each and every time they attend a fight. Each boxer brings about his own personality to the game and technique, making each a uniquely interesting and thrilling fighter to watch in the ring. Without the individual talent of each participant in boxing, matches would just not have the flair and allure that they do. Every time a new fight is set to take place, so is a new story as a result of it. Be it a first round knock out of a bitter fight to the end, there is never a dull moment.

Upcoming fights are plentiful, with events such as the Alaska Fighting Championship, Showtime Boxing and also Titan Fighting 21. With the sheer number of competitors there is never a dry spell for the sport and always an outlet for both boxers and fans alike. Be it the purchase of boxing tickets or a simple case of watching it on the television, everyone can enjoy in the marvel that is the sport of boxing!

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