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Almost every one of us can identify the dilemma which the young Billy Elliot is going through. The confusion whether to follow your dreams or go according to the society's expectations is a universal one. This could be an important reason why the Billy Elliot Musical is such a big hit with the audience. The musical, which opened at the West End theatre, went on to win several major awards and has inspired hundreds of kids to follow their dreams.

Billy Elliot, based on the 2000 British film, is the story of a boy who is born in a working class family. Having seen difficult circumstances in his own life, Billy Elliot's father has grand ambitions about his kid's future. However, young Billy has dreams of his own. He attends a Ballet class and quickly falls in love with grace and charm of the dance form. While he has the talent, he doesn't have the support and encouragement of his family. The only people he has on his side are his dance teacher and his friends, Michael & Debbie. The musical beautifully captures the emotions of all characters involved and take the audience on a captivating and youthful journey. The story is perfectly complemented by Sir Elton John's music and contains several popular songs, such as, ‘Shine' & ‘Swan Lake'. The musical has won several important awards around the world, including 15 Tony nominations.

The Billy Elliot Musical arrived in the US in 2008 making a successful debut at the Imperial theater on Broadway. Fans lapped up the show with around $20 million tickets selling in advance. The show also received rave reviews from the media, with the New York Post calling it "the best gift from Britain since Harry Potter". In 2010, Billy Elliot is slated to make his debut at the Ford Center for the performing arts, Chicago from March 18th. Book Billy Elliot tickets now and enjoy the musical evening with your friends and family.

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