Timing is Perfect to Go See The Big Bang Theory Musical Parody

1st April 2019 | Category: Theater

A beloved TV show The Big Bang Theory has made history by becoming the longest-running multi-camera American sitcom with its 276th episode in its final season.

The nerdy comedy is edging closer to its ending, overrunning Cheers in its twelfth season.

This CBS show has gone on to break many records and crush the expectations, becoming one of the most popular TV series today. As the ending nears, it might be the perfect time to turn your attention to The Big Bang Theory Parody – A Pop-Rock Musical Parody running through April at the Anne L. Bernstein Theater at the Theater Center in New York.

Tickets and dates for the show can be found here.

For the last 12 years, a nerdy group of scientists has been looking for love – and answers to space-age theory – but now find their lives turned upside down as their favourite Star Trek character comes to life.

The Big Bang Theory Pop-Rock Parody is a hilarious journey through all things the original show stands for, wrapped in a pop-rock theme. It highlights the gang’s best, the worst and the wildest.

With John McGowan as Sheldon, Baily McCall as Penny, Kevin Stevens as Leonard and Nrandon Delsid as Rajesh, the show brings all characters onto the stage in a script that contains a rather sexual innuendo.

Book, music and lyrics have all been provided by Karlan Judd, while the show is directed by Tristan J. Shuler.

The plot of the show is rather straightforward. Star Trek’s Q demands all the characters show growth and maturity to prove humanity can improve and grow. That is exactly where fun starts as characters’ foibles are exposed.

Contrary to the reputation of the original show, the parody has been welcomed with mixed critics.

Sheldon does not interact with other characters as much as the spectators could hope for. Raj is depicted as gay, Leonard is battling with self-worth issues while the girl characters are not developed to the same extent as the male ones and will interfere with men and their fun. The parody aspect makes it all very tolerable and amusing.

The show is described as “a hilarious romp through past, present and future” whereas the very fact the original comedy is heading towards its ending makes it well worth a shot with tickets available here.

The Big Bang Theory: A Pop-Rock Musical Parody

Show Dates and Time: Wednesday, 3 April, 8:00 pm

Show Location: Anne L. Bernstein Theater at The Theater Center, New York, NY

Show Duration: 90 minutes

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