New Dates for Taylor Swift’s ‘The Eras Tour’: Mexico & South America

7th June 2023 | Category: Concerts

Taylor Swift is taking her The Eras Tour outside of the USA, much to the delight of non-US Swifties. Just recently, the “All Too Well” songstress announced 9 more international shows that would complement her viral The Eras Tour.

The international dates include three shows in Mexico, three in Brazil, and three in Argentina. If you want to learn more about the tour, as well as get information as to where to purchase the tickets, just keep reading!

The Eras Tour Context

The Eras Tour is the sixth international tour for Taylor Swift, and the first one since the Reputation Stadium Tour in 2018. The COVID-19 outbreak clearly put a damper on concerts and tours, but Swift was far from being lazy.

The 33-year-old singer-songwriter released two surprise albums, Folklore and Evermore, within the span of a year, and delighted her fandom with another album called Midnights last year. And if three brand-new albums were not enough, she also re-recorded her two older albums Fearless (Taylor’s Version) and Red (Taylor’s Version).  Therefore, there is more than enough to celebrate and promote.

A year before the pandemic was also the year she released Lover, another album that did not get its much-deserved time under the spotlight via headliner tours. The Lover Fest tour had to be cancelled due to the pandemic, so Swifties have been waiting for a spectacle for quite some time.

As she was unable to go on tour and properly promote her new (and old-new) albums in the past few years, she has opted to make an amalgamation of her greatest hits from all her eras – which is how we’ve gotten the very title The Eras Tour.

Another quite interesting fact about this tour is that it garnered so much attention that it crashed the Ticketmaster on the very first day.

That’s right, folks – Ticketmaster crashed on the first official presale day when over 3.5 million visitors tried to access the website and obtain their tickets for the Taylor Swift 3-hour spectacle. And that was when only the dates for US shows were known!

About the Tour

Each concert show lasts for over three hours, with a set list of approximately 44 songs. However, the imaginative genius of Taylor Swift created a real show out of to highlight all of her albums. That is why the show is split into 10 sections, each representing an era of Swift’s music career (or album). All acts conceptually represent albums, with unique choreographies, costumes, and visual imagery.

The tour officially began in Glendale, Arizona, on March 17th, 2023.At first, Swift announced 46 concerts in the USA, set to happen between March 17th and August 9th. Her guests and opening acts on tour include a variety of performers, including HAIM, Gayle, Gracie Abrams, OWENN, MUNA, and girl in red. Sabrina Carpenter is set to be her opening act in Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina.

At the moment, the plan is to close the US leg of the tour in Los Angeles in the SOFI Stadium on August 9th.

International Dates So Far

In early June, it was officially announced that Taylor Swift plans to extend her Eras Tour outside the USA via international set dates for Mexico and South America.

Here are the new dates and locations for the new international shows:

  • AUG 24 Mexico City, Mexico (guest Sabrina Carpenter)
  • AUG 25Mexico City, Mexico (guest Sabrina Carpenter)
  • AUG 26Mexico City, Mexico (guest Sabrina Carpenter)
  • NOV 9Buenos Aires, Argentina (guest Sabrina Carpenter)
  • NOV 10Buenos Aires, Argentina (guest Sabrina Carpenter)
  • NOV 11Buenos Aires, Argentina (guest Sabrina Carpenter)
  • NOV 18Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (guest Sabrina Carpenter)
  • NOV 25São Paulo, Brazil (guest Sabrina Carpenter)
  • NOV 26São Paulo, Brazil (guest Sabrina Carpenter)

You can see the details for every show and purchase all tickets for The Eras Tour right HERE.

It is not yet known whether she would add new shows between August and November. However, the official website states that additional international dates for upcoming Eras concerts are yet to be announced, which means Swift is not done touring in celebration of her previous albums.

But stay tuned! We will keep you posted and update our information as soon as more international concert shows are announced. For more interesting concerts and shows that you can enjoy this summer in your country, please check out our full event list.

New Madonna Tour – Locations, Dates, and Tickets

8th May 2023 | Category: Concerts

New Madonna Tour – Locations, Dates, and Tickets

As some of you may have heard, living legend Madonna is planning a sort of tour de force. Announced as the biggest production in the singer’s impressive career(which says a lot), this upcoming concert tour is a sort of celebration of her long and prolific career.

The latest Madonna tour plans to incorporate songs from all points in her career – from the early days to the latest Madame X album. All in all, it’s turning out to be one of the most highly-anticipated music events in recent history.

Here’s a short breakdown of the Madonna Celebration tour and what you can expect.

Basic Info

Let’s get the key information out of the way first. The new Madonna tour was announced back in January 2023 with more than 100 dates and venues across the globe.

The tour is divided into three legs, so to speak. The first one is held throughout North America, including the US and Canada. It will start on July 15 in Vancouver, progress throughout most of the US, and end on October 8 in Las Vegas. There are more North American dates available, mind you – bear with us for a second.

The second leg, which features considerably fewer dates, will kick off in London and storm through continental Europe. It starts on October 14 in London’s O2 Arena, goes through the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, and Portugal (not in that order), after which Madonna will loop back around to London.

Finally, the Celebration tour will head back to North America for a victory lap of sorts. The third and final leg of the tour kicks off in Brooklyn on December 27, after which it will progress for another 18 shows, culminating in a 4-show extravaganza in Mexico City.

Listing all of the dates and locations would be a bit overwhelming, but you get the idea. It’s a massive series of events spanning half the globe, and that’s including plenty of return locations.

Venues and Tickets

You can find all available Madonna dates, and venues, as well as purchase tickets HERE

Some of the shows are already sold out, so get the tickets while you can!

About the Celebration Tour

Madonna herself announced the tour by saying “I am excited to explore as many songs as possible, in hopes to give my fans the show they have been waiting for”.

So what does that mean for the upcoming concerts?

Well, two things, both of which are a sort of landmark for the acclaimed artist.

First of all, this will be her first tour that isn’t promoting a specific album or release. Considering we’re talking about someone with thousands of shows and more than a dozen world tours, it’s important to note that the set list will be drawn from her entire career.

Secondly, it’s the first tour ostensibly focused on Madonna’s greatest hits. Of course, this doesn’t really narrow the set list down. With more than 63 Top 10 charting hits over the decades, there sure are plenty of options for what fans will be able to see and hear.

Either way, we can expect one thing for certain – the tour will eponymously be a celebration of more than 40 years in the music industry. It will offer a sort of trip down memory lane and a look back at everything Madonna was to different people as her career progressed.

Of course, this does raise a few questions about the actual style and feel of the show. Madonna has continued to reinvent herself time and time again throughout the decades. She was so many things to so many groups that it seems difficult to wrap it all up in a single, digestible experience.

We guess we’ll just have to wait and see how the Queen of Pop will format her great return.


Best Music Festivals to Visit in Summer 2023

24th April 2023 | Category: Concerts

Want to experience an unforgettable summer of music, fun, love, and good vibes? What you need is a good music festival – and we have some ideas about where you might want to go.

Summer is already coming up fast, and many of us are starting to think about how we might want to spend it. If you love live music shows, a festival is a perfect place to spend your well-earned free time.

However, a good festival is so much more than just the stage shows. The best festivals offer an incredible experience both on and off the stage. MEeting new people, enjoying the sights, sounds, and tastes you might not have otherwise – that’s what it’s all about. As such, our list of top festivals for summer 2023 is not just about the lineups and performances. It’s also about a transcendent experience that adds up to more than the sum of its parts.

Without further ado, here are our recommendations for festivals to see in 2023.

Governors Ball Music Festival

New York City’s most acclaimed festival quickly rose through the ranks to become on of NYC’s most highly-anticipated events. That says a lot if we’re talking about the Big Apple. Launched in 2011, the festival features an array of genres and styles of music, including rock, electronic, hip-hop, indie, Americana, pop, folk, and more. Your time there can be further improved by some of New York’s acclaimed food trucks, making the Ball a feast for all senses.

There’s a reason we put the Governors Ball on our list first, too – and it’s not just because we like it. the 2023 lineup for this music fest is truly massive, so we can describe it as the most accessible. Ffeaturing acts like Lizzo and Kendrick Lamar, it brings to bear some of the heaviest hitters in the world. More than 50 acts are set to take the stage this time around, so you best be ready for an incredible experience.

Governors Ball Music Dates & Tickets

June 9 – June 11, Flushing Meadows – Corona Park, New York NY

Three-day runtime with options for daily tickets

Get your Governors Ball tickets here!

Pitchfork Music Festival

Pitchfork is a world-renowned music publication that has been at the forefront of pop culture for as long as the internet has been around. Back in 2006, the publication organized its own live music festival, spearheaded by chart-topping acts and a promise to do things differently. Specifically, PMF is billed as all about the music. The lineup is decided by critics and audiences, not a bunch of suits in a grey conference room. That’s the pitch, at least – we’ll leave it up to you to agree or not.

Either way, the 2023 iteration of the Pitchfork Music Festival managed to bring to bear a worthwhile lineup that fans of indie and alternative jams are going to adore. Names like Big Thief, Killer Mike, and Bon Iver should give you an idea about the kind of music you can expect. These are just the headliners, though, and many would agree that the Pitchfork Music Festival is all about the underground.

Pitchfork Music Festival Dates & Tickets

July 21 – July 23, Union Park, Chicago IL

Three-day runtime with options for daily tickets.

Click here to buy Pitchfork Music Festival tickets!

When We Were Young

Pop Punk is going through a sort of renaissance. Bands like Green DAy and Blink 182 used to be consistent chart-toppers in the 90s and early 2000s, and they still hold a special place in the hearts of millions of fans. If you’re one of us millenials who would like nothing better than a chance to revisit the glory days, well, someone made a festival for us.

The above pitch kind of makes it sound like When We Were Young is a gathering of once-great acts, but nothing could be further from the truth. Although the ‘scene’ is no longer with us, these performers are still at the top of their game. The aforemetnioned Green Day and Blink 182 are headlining the second anual festival, along with The Offspring, 30 Seconds to Mars, Good Charlotte, and many more!

That said, this event is a bit outside the scope of “summer.” Still, it hit us in the nostalgia so hard that we just had to include it!

When We Were Young Dates & Tickets

October 21 – October 22, LAs Vegas Festival Grounds, Las Vegas NA

Two-day runtime with options for daily tickets.

Remember what things were like When You Were Young – get your tickets now!


A few months back when all the big-ticket US festivals were announcing their lineups, one major ferstival stood out with it’s incredible yet ecletic roster. Lollapalooza is an event that needs no introduction, so we won’t waste your time with one.

The 1975, Kendrick Lamar, Red Hot Chili Pepers, Karen G, Billie Eilish… Have we caught your attention yet? No? Well how about more than 70 other acts covering almost every major genre and style under the sun. From folk and pop to punk and hip hop, Lollapalooza has a something for everyone – which is how it caught our attention in the first place.

Lollapalooza Dates & Tickets

August 3 – August 7, Hutchinson Field Frant Park, Chicako, IL

4-day runtime with options for daily tickets.

Click here to buy tickets while they’re still available!

Top 5 Concerts for Valentine’s Day 2023

24th January 2023 | Category: Concerts

The 2023 New Year and the holiday season are already behind us, and everyone is winding down and recapping their thoughts and resolutions. If you’re lucky enough to have that special someone in your life, though, it’s probably time to start thinking about the next big day that’s just around the corner. Valentine’s Day is certainly a special day, so why not celebrate it with a special occasion?

Valentine’s Day concerts are a great way to show your love and appreciation for the most important people in your life. Flowers and chocolates are great and all – but an amazing musical event is a memory that will last for a lifetime.

All you need for a romantic evening of celebrating love is a great act. One who can deliver the love-tinged passion that a Valentine’s Day concert deserves.

And if you need ideas for the best Valentine’s Day concerts in 2023, we have a few suggestions! Just remember that February 14th is one of the busiest days of the year for venues and musical acts. If you see an event you like, act quickly and get some tickets with TicketCenter before others snatch them up!

Anita Baker – Atlanta, GA

Let’s start with some evergreen classics. Few songstresses in the world are as famous for love ballads as Anita Baker. Her classy, powerful voice and refined jazzy melodies defined the so-called Quiet Storm era of the 80s. In fact, the term ‘quiet storm’ perfectly expresses what Anita is all about. Although most of her repertoire consists of ballads, the underlying passion with which she delivers every line has captured the hearts and minds of millions.

After a string of farewell performances and issues regarding the rights to her master recordings, many fans were worried that they’ll never get a chance to hear Baker perform live. Thankfully, though, the R&B master is going on a tour that will kick off in February 2023. The tour is slated to last throughout 2023, so you’ll have plenty of chances to hear her hits.

She’ll grace the State Farm Arena in Atlanta right on the 14th, which marks it as one of the most sought-after dates on a very popular tour.

It’s the quintessential Valentine’s Day 2023 event you don’t want to miss. Secure your Anita Baker 2023 tour tickets here.

Anita Baker Tour Dates:

US Tour: February 11 – December 23

Valentine’s Day show: February 14, State Farm Arena, Atlanta, GA

Elvis Costello – New York, NY

We’ll carry on our list of top Valentine’s Day music events with something a bit more eclectic. Declan Patrick MacManus, better known as Elvis Costello, boasts a discography that ranges from new wave to punk. Arguably, however, he is best known for heart-string-pulling hits like ‘She’ and ‘I Want You’.

Unlike some other acts known for ballads, though, Costello’s shows are filled with ups and downs. Songs that will melt your heart stand right next to those that will make you dance, which is what makes his act a perfect Valentine’s Day experience.

The Elvis Costello 2023 tour will kick off with an incredible string of 10 shows in New York’s Gramercy Theatre. In other words, even if you miss tickets for the Big Day, worry not – you’ll have plenty of chances to make it up to your favorite person. The tour will then move on to a series of cities across the US and Australia.

Click here to check out available Elvis Costello tickets.

Elvis Costello Tour Dates:

Us and Australia Tour: February 9 – May 28,

Valentine’s Day show: February 14, Gramercy Theatre, Atlanta, GA

Portland Symphony Orchestra: The Romantics – Rachmaninoff & Schumann – Portland, ME

The acclaimed Portland Symphony Orchestra can enrich your Valentine’s Day with a truly special selection of classical pieces. Pulling from great composers who defined the term ‘romantic’, the special show features time-tested compositions performed by pianist George Li.

The full Valentine’s Day 2023 concert features pieces such as:

  • Overture in C major by Hensel
  • Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, op. 43 by Rachmaninoff
  • Symphony No. 4 in D minor, op. 120 by Schumann

It’s a true feast for any fans of classical music, and a perfect occasion to celebrate the day to the soothing sounds of piano keys. Don’t spend too much time thinking about it, though – The Romantics is a one-off special event performed in Portland’s Merrill Auditorium.

The venue houses just under 2,000 seats – get your tickets now while they are still available!

Portland Symphony Orchestra: The Romantics – Rachmaninoff & Schumann:

Valentine’s Day Show: February 14, Merrill Auditorium, Portland, ME

Journey & Toto – Lexington, KY

Journey, one of the most famous rock bands to come out of the 70s and 80s (which says a lot), will be celebrating their 50-year anniversary with a special tour. The half-century milestone is not the only thing that makes it special, though. Joining them on stage will be none other than Toto, the musical geniuses behind hits like ‘Africa’, ‘Rosanna’, and ‘Hold the Line.’

Dubbed the Journey & Toto Freedom Tour 2023, the string of concerts kicks off on February 4. On the 14th, however, the two giants will bring a special night full of rockin’ good memories to Lexington.

Though both bands are considered rock icons, it would be hard not to see their music as a very fitting backdrop for an evening full of romance. The songs are energetic, sure, but they’re also universally committed to the little thing that makes the world go ‘round.

With big names like these, we wouldn’t be surprised to see tickets sell out as soon as they become available. So don’t risk it – get your Journey & Toto tickets now!

Journey and Toto Tour Dates:

US Tour: January 27 – April 25

Valentine’s Day show: February 14, Rupp Arena, Lexington, KY

Chris Brown – London, UK

It’s only fair that our list shows some love to our friends across the pond. This time, we’ll be going to one of the defining voices of 21st-century R&B – Chirs Brown!

Brown’s accomplishments are too long to list – and honestly, we don’t really feel there would be much point. Needless to say, he’s not known as the ‘King of R&B’ for nothing. With a long lineup of songs detailing love and desire, his performances are the perfect choice for any couple looking for an unforgettable experience.

The latest Chris Brown tour kicks off on February 11 in Dublin. Between the 14th and 17th of February, however, he’ll perform every night in the massive O2 Arena in London. In other words, if you miss Chris Brown on Valentine’s Day 2023, you can catch him the day after that. And the day after that.

To no one’s surprise, tickets are selling like crazy, so make sure to get yours as soon as possible!

Chris Brown Tour Dates:

Under the Influence tour: February 11 – March 19

Valentine’s Day show: February 14, O2 Arena, London

Tickets as Gifts – Best Tickets to Buy Online

9th December 2022 | Category: Concerts,Las Vegas,Sports,Theater

Many people struggle when it comes to buying the perfect gift for a loved one. However, the best gift is definitely an experience gift and what better way to offer a memorable one than buying a ticket for their favorite show, play, or even a game?

Tickets as gifts are perfect because the chances are the recipient will remember this experience for a long time, whether they went to a theatre show, or saw a baby giraffe. In addition, there are tickets that will work great for an individual, couple, or even a whole family you wish to surprise. In this article, we will provide a few great ticket gift ideas for a bunch of different occasions.

Ideal Tickets as Gift

Now, before you start searching for tickets online, it is important to consider whom you are buying the tickets for. This gift only works if you are well familiar with the recipient’s interests and hobbies. For example, if your loved one likes to listen to classical music, surely you will not surprise them with tickets to Billy Idol, or tickets for a similar concert. If you are struggling, then write down a list of their interests and hobbies and simply go from there.

Another thing to consider is your budget. You need to figure out how much you want to spend on this surprise gift before you start searching for tickets. You can find many great deals when you start shopping for tickets online. Remember, the price will also depend on the type of show or event you are looking for.

Also, you should try and gather information regarding the recipient’s schedule. It would not do well for you to gift them tickets for a show, or an event taking place when they are busy. Try consulting some of their friends and family they are close to or pry this information out of them yourself. But, be careful not to ruin the surprise.

Ticket Gift Ideas

There are many great choices out there when it comes to tickets you can surprise your loved ones with. As we have mentioned, make sure they are something your recipient is interested in, and start shopping! Here are some great ticket ideas you might wish to consider.

Zoo Tickets – although these tickets sound like the perfect gift for children, you would be surprised to know that many adults consider going to the zoo a great experience, as well. Simply, observe how their face lights up when they see a cute baby animal, and you will realise why these tickets are such a popular gift. It is also a great gift idea for the whole family, which they will remember forever.

Theatre Tickets – there are so, so many different shows out there. Whether it is a play, a musical, or a whole different kind of show, you can find theatre tickets that will satisfy all kinds of theatre goers.  Since it is the holiday season, you can find many great deals for the best Christmas shows during this month. If you know someone who enjoys the Xmas cheer, then this would be a great gift for them.

Concert Tickets – again, there is a great variety to choose from when it comes to concert tickets, as well. Whatever genre your friend is into – jazz, opera, rock, or pop, you can find tickets for it online. Many popular performers are currently on tours, such as Bad Bunny, or the popular The 1975 band.

Stand-Up Comedy Tickets – looking to enjoy a few laughs at a comedy show? Luckily, there are tons of different shows out there you can choose from. Whether your friend likes live stand-up performances or sitcom tapings and late-night shows, there is a range of events you can buy tickets online for. You can laugh your night away with Adam Sendler, Dave Chapelle, Chris Rock and many more. Either way, stand-up shows will definitely leave your friend feeling in a lighter spirit, which makes these tickets a great gift.

Sports Tickets – if it happens that you are buying a gift for a sports fan, you will find the perfect tickets in no time. Casual or superfan – catching a game live is a great experience for just about anyone. Check out the upcoming games that can be a part of your Christmas list, and simply pick whichever one your friend will like the most. NFL, NBA, or others, there are many great options out there.

Gallery and Museum Tickets – another great experience gift is a trip to a gallery or a museum. If you know someone who is an art aficionado, these tickets would make the perfect gift. What is more, many galleries and museums offer some form of a membership scheme that will allow your loved one to enjoy free entry a whole year round. It is truly a thoughtful gift, especially when you consider invites to private events and tours, which they will be able to attend as a member.

Now, that you have some great options, all you have to do is decide which tickets will be the perfect gift. Many of these tickets are available for purchase online, so you can organize your surprise from the comfort of your home. Just imagine the look on your friend’s face once you present them with tickets to their favorite show!