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Catch a Romantic Ballet Live

22nd May 2015 | Category: Theater

When you’re considering a theater show to go out and see, and be moved by then why not consider Giselle? This tale combines the romantic, heart breaking story of lovers and being together again. Not only will you love every second of the actors and dancers on stage, but you will be moved to tears over and over again, with just how beautiful this play and show truly is.

Giselle is Talked About

Everyone that has seen this show knows just how beautiful it truly is. Not only does it move everyone in the audience, but everyone on the stage competes for many different parts. This play is one that cannot be missed. Want to know what others thought about it? We compiled a list of comments about the beautiful ballet after it was concluded.

Giselle is breathtaking and leaves you wanting more at the end. Not only does the show move you, but you want to become a part of it and feel what she feels when it comes to the true love that she is drawn too.

The show moves not only us as people, but those that know the pain that she is going through. If you have not already seen the show, then it is a must watch for those that are new to the area or to watching ballets.

Skip the Nutcracker, and go right for Giselle, where the dancers make sure to put on a performance that you’re sure to remember. Nothing like finding a diamond in the rough, and Giselle is truly just that and so much more when you see her dance across the stage.

Bring the family, or watch with someone else; Giselle is truly remarkable for everything that is done both on the stage and off it.

When you’re thinking about purchasing tickets for this once in a lifetime show, you can visit Ticket Center where you’re able to find out prices, and get the best seats in the house. This is one ballet that is definitely going to leave you wanting to watch even more. Take in the splendors that come with the story, and all those within it.

Tony and Tina’s Wedding

20th May 2015 | Category: Las Vegas

For the experience of a lifetime come out and join Tony and Tina’s Wedding. This is a Broadway experience that allows everyone to join in on the fun. Tony and Tina are in love and want you to join in on their crazy, fun and outrageous Italian style wedding. Both of their families will be there, why not bring yours? Tony and Tina have loud and colorful family members that aren’t afraid to have a lot of fun and include the audience whenever possible. This is a unique show where the audience doesn’t just sit down and applaud, they actually join in from the very beginning until the end. The families invite you to eat with them at their Italian style buffet, enjoy delicious wedding cake and even catch the garter belt!
So many people love weddings, but if you’re lucky you get to go to one a year, or every few years. Tony and Tina provide an open invitation to anyone that wants to come help them celebrate their love and seal their marriage vows! The show blurs the lines between fantasy and reality and is really an all encompassing experience. Sing, dance, express your joy and spend some time with 2 Italian families that know how to party! The family invites you in with open arms, you will feel like you have known them for years. Finally a Broadway show that makes its patrons feel appreciated and wanted! Tony and Tina have been getting married on Broadway since 1988 and want you to join the occasion!
Ticket Information:

Tony and Tina’s Italian Style Wedding has swept the nation, the congenial couple has tied the knot in over 100 locations, including the US, Europe and Asia. Now Tony and Tina are visiting Las Vegas and are promising to give you the experience of a lifetime! Come join them at Bally’s Casino from May 18 to June 17 for an experience you will not soon forget! Tickets begin at $88 and include a full Italian style buffet and a fun and exciting wedding ceremony.

The Rolling Stones are Still at it!

15th May 2015 | Category: Concerts

Even after all of these years, the Rolling Stones are going on tour for 2015! This is the much anticipated tour for those out there wishing to see a band reunited after so many years. They have stayed in touch, but never thought about going out there and performing again. They have changed bandmates throughout the years, but continued to let the good times roll each and every time they would get together and reminisce about the past.

The Rolling Stones on Tour

The tickets are selling fast, and the band promises to play many of their older songs when they are up on the stage. They want to show everyone what a true party is when they can play some of the best, and show the world what rock and roll truly is. Beginning the nation on the rock streak that continued for ages, they are kings of the era, and continue to inspire numerous people into loving the rock scene and loving everyone by them.

They will have other bands opening up for them during their concerts across the globe, and you will have to wait and see who that is. Hoping to get some of the other big names in the rock and roll history hall of fame. Everyone out there has awaited their return, never thinking that it was going to happen but it did, and everyone is excited about the outcome.

If you have never seen the Rolling Stones perform live in person, then now is your chance to do so. You have nothing to lose, and you can ensure that you get the right experience. Enjoy everything that the band has to offer, and so much more. If you’ve heard about them from your parents, then why not purchase a set of tickets so you can bring them, and experience what the life of rock and roll is all about. The new move swept the nation, and now you get to see the kings of rock get up on stage and do it again!

Get your tickets from Ticket Center today and check out what they have in store for you!

Don’t Miss Out on Your Tennis Tickets!

13th May 2015 | Category: Sports

Tennis is becoming a popular sport, and one that is not only exciting but rewarding. You may like to play it, but have you ever caught a tournament in real life? It is just as exciting, if not more than actually playing the game and feeling the passion that you have towards playing it. So what great tennis events are coming up this year, and how can you get your hands on some tickets to put you right in the middle of the action?

Currently, we are offering all of the upcoming games, so you can grab tickets right at Ticket Center for a great price, for the best seats in the house. Some of the bigger tournaments coming up include:

  • The Geneva Open – May
  • Roland Garros – May
  • Topshelf Open – June
  • Mercedes Cup – June
  • Gerry Webber Open – June

… and so many more!

If you’re looking to score some tickets, then consider the fun and games that you will find when you attend one of the events. Since it is during the hotter months of the year, it is ideal to bring sunscreen, glasses and a hat to shield yourself while you watch the games unfold. All of the professional tennis players playing in the games, or even those that want to watch and get ready for the ones they are going to be playing in are going to be there.

There are refreshments that are going to be served during the game. If you enjoy tennis, then this is the way you should watch it. Skip watching it from home on the television. Get in on the action that is going to unfold in front of you!

Check out the tickets that are currently being offered at Ticket Center for the tennis games that are coming up. You can choose to see one of them, or them all. Bring the whole family for some exciting adventures that await you and have a great time getting to see the action, and even meet with some of the stars. It is that great, so don’t miss out! Purchase your tickets in advance today!

The New York City Ballet to Perform Live on Stage

8th May 2015 | Category: Theater

If you’ve been wanting to see the New York City Ballet perform live on stage, they are ready to go and warming up for many shows this upcoming year. With one of them being, All Balanchine’s Serenade. If you love seeing the moving ballet performances by top ballet stars, then this is where you should be to watch them perform live, and really feel what they are feeling when they are up on stage, playing out the moves, the songs, the feelings that they are supposed to be portraying from the characters.

The Beautiful Dancers and Story Lines

While every ballet story has it’s own story line, and it is either easy to follow, somewhat hard or may not be something that is able to followed along, and just beautiful to watch; the ballet company really brings your feelings into play when they are up on that stage performing, doing their twirls, whirls and making you feel just as beautiful as they are while you’re sitting in the audience.

While watching any of the shows that they perform, you will feel captivated and inspired. They provide a beautiful performance that they work on throughout the year, so you are always in for a treat when it comes to watching any ballet show that they have.

Never have to miss out on watching a ballet when you can grab tickets that put you in the front seat of the action. Never have to worry about never seeing a ballet either. When you watch the New York City Ballet, you’re watching professional ballet dancers show off what they have learned their whole lives, while they put their hearts and souls into the performance, the performance that is all for your entertainment.

Get Your Tickets Today

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Make sure to see the New York City Ballet perform live, they are just as amazing as everyone says and it is a chance that you may never get again. Grab your tickets right here at Ticket Center and make sure to head out for a night of romance, of fun and of entertainment provided by the New York City Ballet.