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Lynyrd Skynyrd Tickets are On Sale Now!

14th October 2016 | Category: Concerts

Show Dates and Times: December 2nd and 3rd 2016 at 10:00pm

Show Location: Golden Nugget, The Grand Event Center

Show Length: 1 hour 30 minutes

Age Restrictions: Must be at least 5 years old or older

Lynyrd Skynyrd is an old time All American rock n roll band that came from Jacksonville, Florida.  The band was formed in the year of 1966 and currently consist of Johnny Colt, Peter Keys, Mark Matejka, Michael Cartellone, Rickey Medlocke, Johnny Van Zant, as well as Gary Rossington.

This amazing band is best known for their Southern Rock style, they are definatly one of those bands that will no doubt remain in the history of music forever.  Anyone who claims that they have never listened the well-known song that is titled “Sweet Home Alabama” at least one time during their life span is most definitely lying about it.  There song titled “Free Bird” is the most requested song that is known in rock n roll history.

After the very tragic plane crash that took the lives of 3 of the original band members in the year of 1977, this band ever rising dominance came to a very abrupt halt, and they remained this way for almost 10 years, before they returned slightly-altered in order to continue the legacy for many years to come.

Today, they are still making their way recording, writing as well as releasing albums and they perform as often as life allows.  So we are sitting back sipping on drinks sitting next to the bayou in Sweet Home Alabama with Lynyrd Skynyrd in Las Vegas.  Do not miss your chance to rock out with them during the National Finals Rodeo.

This amazing band has released more than … count them… 60 studio albums,  They are really nothing short of a Ledged and have come to be an iconic sound rock n roll history.  They first hit it big in the year of 1974 with that all-time favorite song “Sweet Home Alabama.”

So tune up those guitars and get yourself ready to sing along with Lynyrd Skynyrd and that sweet southern rock sound.

Grab your tickets to see this phenomenal singer live and on stage!

The Voice of Entertainment – Terry Fator

12th October 2016 | Category: Las Vegas

Show Dates and Times: October 5th, 6th, 10th, 11th, 12th 13th, 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th at 7:30pm

Show Location: Mirage, Terry Factor Theatre

Show Length: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Age Restriction: Must be at least 5 years old or older

Terry Fator just may be the best illusionist that is on Las Vegas’s famous strip, but you will never see Terry actually perform any of those magic tricks.  Terry amazes his audiences and fans alike by singing his heart out like those very famous entertainers such as Elvis as well as Cher without even moving a lip. 

Along with being a very well-known singer as well as a celebrity impressionist, Terry is also a puppeteer.  His face may not move at all during his awesome performance but his hands are always part of the action which bring life into his very beloved cast of puppet co-starts.

Each of these puppets have their very own, very unique personality as well as their very own musical style, which makes this performance feel both like you are at a stand-up comedy as well as a concert. 

There are many carecters that you will not want to miss such as Walter T. Airdale; Winston, the impersonating turtle; Emma Taylor, the little girl with the awfully big voice; Maynard Thompkins, The World’s Greatest Ever Elvis Impersonator; Duggie Scott Walker, the very annoying neighbor; Barry Fabulpus, the very flamboyant hip-hop diva; Julius, the soul singer; Vikki, the cougar; Monty Carlo, the lounge singer; Wrex, the safety expert; and let us not forget about Hyphen, the very delusional British rock star. 

When these ultimate co-stars are not singing they are joining in on the ultimate comedy show that you will never forget.

If you are paying very close attention to what is going on you will get a once in a lifetime chance of hearing something that is so amazing that it will have your jaw dropping.  Factor’s actual vocal range is just amazing listen as it goes from Etta James “At Last” all the way to Garth Brooks “Friend in Low Places.”

Make sure to grab your tickets right here from Ticket Center to see this awesome show that you don’t want to miss out on!

Comedy Magic – Nathan Burton

7th October 2016 | Category: Theater

Show Location: Saxe Theater, Planet Hollywood

Show Dates and Times: October 13th through the 27th Tuesday – Sunday at 4:00pm

Show Length: 75 Minutes

Age Restriction: None

Come and treat yourself to some of the greatest laugh out loud comedy as well as some very amazing illusions and let us not forget about those beautiful showgirls that can be found within Nathan Burton’s Comedy Magic show.  Nathan’s very friendly personality as well as his mind boggling illusions have amazed audiences since his very first headline on Las Vegas Strip in the year of 2001.

Before Nathan started performing on the Strip, he was in fact featured as being “The World’s Wildest Magic” in the year of 1996, where he amazed the audience with his very unique comedy pervaded magic.  After this first performance the response was so overwhelming that he ended up with a second performance in the year of 1997 on “World’s Greatest Magic 3.”

In the year of 2005, Nathan was the only magician that was featured on “The Entertainer,” which starred Wayne Newton.  During this same year he started to captivate audiences the “Ultimate Las Vegas Showgirl Challenge.”  This challenge consisted of him spending 7 nights sealed within a box with 7 showgirls.

Many of you who watch reality TV show just may remember Burton from his attendance on the show “America’s Got Talent,” Burton did not win this but he did in fact accrue quite a large fan following.

Throughout this amazing show, Nathan will select many members from the audience in order to help him.  For instance he selects one very lucky gentleman from the audience, ask him to select one of his showgirls and then describe a dream date with her.  After this he amazing the audience as he shows how he can predict the future.

Nathan Burton comical casual style, as well as his amazing illusions, creates an amazingly fun filled afternoon that your whole family will enjoy.

Be ready to laugh until you cry when you grab tickets to this amazing show right here from Ticket Center.

V – The Ultimate Variety Show

5th October 2016 | Category: Theater

Show Location: Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, V Theater

Show Dates and Times: October 12th through October 27th 2016, at 7:00 and 8:00pm

Show Length: 1 Hour 15 Minutes

Age Restrictions: None

Don’t you dear blink an eye, you just may find that you missed something.  Quite frankly you will defiantly find that you just missed a lot.  This show is one of the most high-energy, fast-paced performances that features a very exciting lineup of amazing acts from all across the world. During this hour and 15 minute show you will be able to witness a total of seven, yes count them seven different acts that are all equally amazing that go across the stage.

Performer’s that are new and up and coming are constantly being added to this amazing shows rooster, so if you have seen this show once all ready, you can bet that it is not the same this time around, but it will be equally amazing. There are also those acts that everyone enjoyed such as dancer/street performer Turf, The skating Aratas, as well as that amazing master juggler Wally Eastwood. 

The variety format of these performances stems from those long lost days when one went to see a show and it included a specialty act that would indeed supplement the main production. Many times within these shows the specialty act actually became the very starts of the production itself.  Within this production of V all of those very special acts get their chance in order to shine in this one very amazing venue.

It is in fact the varied lineup that makes this performance a fantastic option if you are in fact traveling with a group of business partners or just a group of friends and are looking for a show that includes something that everyone will enjoy.

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Steve Wynn’s Showstopper’s is on Fire

30th September 2016 | Category: Theater

Show Location: Encore Theater, Wynn Las Vegas

Show Dates and Times: October 3rd – 8th and 10th – 14th starting at 7:30pm on Monday – Thursday and Saturday, Starting at 8:00pm on Friday’s

Show Length: 75 to 80 minutes

Age Restrictions: Must be 5 years old or older

This performance is about being all hits and absolutely no misses as Steve cherry picks the biggest and the best Broadway shows in order to create “ShowStoppers,”  this is the performance that in fact highlights many of America’s most famous show numbers. The lyricists as well  as Broadways most famous rock star composers are all represented within this performance with music from Marvin Hamlisch, Rodgers & Hammerstien, Cole Porter and many more.  There are more than 10 actual musicals that are represented in the light of their full glory.

The hits that will be performed make it feel as the who’s who of the Tony Award winners.  This show is chuck full of the songs that when added up have earned a total of 43 Tony Awards as well as a countless number of several other well-known recognitions.

This performance of ShowStoppers features songs such as “Cabaret” from the show “Cabaret,” “All That Jazz” from the show “Chicago,” and “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” from the show “Gypsy” as well as many more that you have probably caught yourself singing on your ride to work.

Steve has spared no expense in order to create a performance that will in fact express the very best of Broadway live entertainment with a extraordinary 66 members.  This includes the cast of 35 dancers and singers a 31 piece orchestra, as well as the extraordinary set and costume design that unmistakable make that whole “Razzle-Dazzle” element of the performance.

Wynn was inspired by a birthday party for his wife, where many stars such as Hugh Jackman and Rachel York performed many hit songs while they were backed by an amazing orchestra as well as back up dancers.  This experience ignited a long hidden passion within Steve.

Are you ready to see this fascinating show? Check out the tickets we have for it right here from Ticket Center!