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UFC 190: Rousey Puts Title on the Line

31st July 2015 | Category: Sports

Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey the 135 LB lady juggernaut puts her Bantamweight title on the line against the Brazilian Betha “Pitbull” Correia in her back yard this Saturday in the UFC 190 showcase in Brazil. Rousey the undefeated champion has move through the sport strategically beating every opponent put in front of her pretty handedly. She is the recent recipient of the Fighter of the Year ESPY this July. She comes to the ring to face her toughest challenge yet the Brazilian comes in sporting her own undefeated record and looks to win herself a championship this weekend.

UFC 190 also carries some 12 other top notch fights. Starting with 6 preliminary bouts and 6 main events. The other main cards feature some of the sports up and coming talent. Brazil is represented well with a bout between Glacia Franco (13-3) and Fernando Bruno (16-2) at the 155 LB weight limit. Both fighters have strong records and look to add to their growing careers with a victory. There will be another woman to woman combat between Jessica Aguilar (19-4) and Claudia Ghadelia (12-1). This will be a compelling matchup between 2 very distinct styles with Ghadelia being a submission specialist and Aguilar being on her feet more. Whoever can get the other inside their realm will have the advantage.

Then we have 3 fights with the big boys. Stefan Struve (29-7) from the Netherlands comes in to Rio De Janeiro to face a home favorite Minotauro Noguiera who stands 34-9-1 and is an impeccable competitor. Antonio Silva (18-7) takes on the big Australian Soa Palelei (22-4) this looks to be one of the most anticipated fights of the night. Palelei is one of the best fighters in the sport and coming off his win against Walt Harris he is looking at the top of his game. UFC 190 is prime to be one of the best sporting of the summer.

Living the Lollapalooza Dream

30th July 2015 | Category: Concerts

Lollapalooza is one of the biggest concerts in the United States and draws large crowds every year. Set to go down in Chicago July 31st the lineup is one that equals any festival in the world. The concert is held in Grant Park in the wonderful city of Chicago which is one of the largest cities in the country and provides artist a unique chance to interact with true music lovers. The event is heralded as one of the best because of the prestigious line up that displays talent from all genres of music. The artist range from new up and coming artist to big names like of Metallica and Paul McCartney. The opportunity for lesser known artist to share the stage with their idols and fans of all generations can enjoy in peace.

International megastars like Florence and the Machine and The Weekend are just a few of the headliners that showcase their talent at the festival. The food is exquisite and the park also holds a farmers market with local produce for patrons to enjoy. The 3-day festival commences with Florence and the Machine on Sunday evening. The ambiance of the festival is a major attraction as well. If you can’t find enjoyment in the multitude of musical acts then the pop up bars and shops in the park will keep your attention. Chances to rub shoulders with some of the most prestigious artist and bands in the country will be readily available.

Lollapalooza guarantees that you will have the time of your life right on the website. If you are a music lover this is one of those festivals that you have to attend once in your life. A packed musical lineup and multiple other festivities present one of the most unique experiences on the planet. Grab your tickets for the event today at Ticket Center and make sure to have the most action packed adventure ever!

Baseball is in Full Swing… Do You Have Yankees Tickets Yet?

24th July 2015 | Category: Sports

When it comes to a good game of baseball, you want to make sure that you can watch the show live in front of you instead of sitting in front of the television watching it. This is where the action is going to happen when it comes to catching a ball, watching your favorite players get home runs and even making the play offs so they can move on up when it comes to getting much more out of the game then having to yell at the screen. Yell with the other fans around you when something happens and the players should know what you think about it.

The Tickets are Currently On Sale

While you might have thought that baseball tickets were expensive, and that you might be too late and not have good seats. This is not the case. When you’re purchasing tickets from Ticket Center, you’re able to get some of the best tickets out there and seats, for the best price.

So who wouldn’t want to catch a baseball game live? You can now.

Coming up, you’re able to watch multiple games such as the Toronto Blue Jays, White Sox, Indians, Cardinals, Mets, Dodgers, Angels and so on. You can find out who is going to be making it to the next round when the time comes. You can grab tickets to the favorite team that you have and make sure to get much more out of the game that you can possibly imagine.

Who said that you shouldn’t be taken out to a ball game every once in a while? Now you can make sure to grab some beers, and don’t forget the hot dog and peanuts because they have the whole experience right in the stadium for you to enjoy!

Now it is time to check out the tickets for baseball games going on coming up, and make sure to get into the action instead of having to watch the television from afar when it happens. You can ensure that you have it all and so much more. Go team!

The Hottest in Country is Now On Stage! Luke Bryan!

23rd July 2015 | Category: Concerts

If you’ve never been to a country concert before, then perhaps it might be time to think about grabbing your tickets to a Luke Bryan show that is going to be going on. Not only can you see him perform some of the hottest country songs on the radio right now, but you’re able to get to know him a bit better when he plays some of the other songs that are a little less known. If you’re one of those people that have to see to believe, then this is your chance to go out there and see him for yourself, hear his voice and have the time of your life.

Tickets are Selling Fast

So make sure to grab yours today in some of the hottest seats available. With great prices, and a good vibe, you can make sure that this country concert is not your last one because of just how amazing Luke can be in concert. With him singing some of the most famous songs, such as Thats My Kind of Night, Country Girl, Play it Again or Drink a Beer. You can be sure that you’re all having a good time singing along to the lyrics.

Have we convinced you to grab the tickets to the show yet? We should have because you want to go and hear him sing, and watch as he puts on one of the best shows that you’ve ever seen live and up on stage. Grab your cowboy hat and boots and hit the stage to watch some of the best shows out there.

Ticket Center has the tickets you want, and need on sale today. You just have to go and grab them right off of the Luke Bryan ticket page. Bring your other, your friends, your family, whoever you want to one of the hottest concerts that is happening this summer. Grabbing the tickets is the first thing that should be on your mind and Ticket Center has them online right now!

Want to See a Concert That Has Everything?

16th July 2015 | Category: Concerts

There are many rock concerts coming up, but there is one that is going to be one of the best and one of the most talked about that is coming up. With many different venues that they are going to be visiting, you can make sure to get your tickets for this upcoming rock show and get all that you want, and more. You can see some of the hottest bands in the making when you visit and check them all out for yourself.

So What is This Great Concert We Speak Of?

It is simply, Sleeping with Sirens, All Time Low and One OK Rock. They have all came together to provide you with the show of a lifetime, a show you do not want to miss out on. With this being said, you can then feel good about grabbing tickets to get the concert of a lifetime.

Though they seem like they are a bit older, and maybe for a later generation; even the younger kids are getting into the punk rock scene when it comes and there are live performers up on the stage for you to use. Nothing could be better than making sure to see a concert from some of the hottest bands that have remained at the top of the music scene since they were discovered years ago.

Are you ready to get out there and listen to some of the best songs, from now to the older stuff that they played in the beginning? You can see them live, and they put on one of the most exciting shows you will ever see.

When the time is right, you can make sure to check out the tickets that are for sale, right here at Ticket Center. Never have to worry about not being able to get more out of the concert, when you can save some cash and go see them in some of the hottest seats. We have tickets available throughout the year, so whatever concert you want to see, we can stock tickets for it! Check out what we have today!