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Terry Fator: The Voice of Entertainment

19th September 2014 | Category: Las Vegas

If you’re looking to have dinner, a show and a good time then this is the one show that you want to see while you’re in Vegas. Not only does he sing some of the best songs, but he is also a comedian and impersonator, which means that you get even more value and entertainment for your buck. You’re able to get some of the best seats in the house when it comes to adding a little Terry into your life, as well as a delicious dinner. This is always a good thing – since you’re visiting Vegas and want to get the entire experience.

Did we mention, that he also does puppet shows, which are something that is incredible when you see just how good he is. Meet his friends and have a night of laughs with the few hours that he is on stage. Welcome some of the side acts, as well. Create a date night and have a good time.

Attending the Show

There are many different shows that are going on, but this is the one that is on the list of the hottest and most wanted. Be able to enjoy everything that he offers to his audience. Playing at the Mirage, you can either add this to your buffet and casino prices, or even come down from your room – if this is where you’re staying. If not, you can always come for just the show! It is one that has been talked about for some time!

Now that the time has come, and Terry has shows going on all month for the next couple of months, you should make sure to get your tickets now! When you’re looking for the most affordable, best seats in the house tickets then you should check out Ticket Center, where you can make sure to get all of the tickets that you want from – for concerts, Las Vegas shows and so on – you no longer have to miss that sports event because you couldn’t get tickets – you can get them here!

The Allman Brothers Band is to be in NYC

17th September 2014 | Category: Concerts

The Allman Brothers Band are going to be in NYC performing for multiple dates, so if you haven’t gotten your tickets, make sure to get them through Ticket Center! Not only do they provide the show stopping action that you’re after, but they have been in the music industry for quite some time. Which means, if you like your classic music then they are the ones that are going to be able to give you classic music.

With many old time fans, they are expected to have a great turn out when it comes to being live in concert. This is one of the biggest concerts of the year since it is able to provide you with the chance of a lifetime to see the Allman Brothers, in concert, singing some of your favorite and most memorable songs. They have had a great time putting on concerts and recording albums over the years, but they think that they had a good run and that it is time to say good bye to their fans.

Their Last Show

They are playing on the Upper West Side, and this is going to be one of the last times that they ever do a concert, which makes it one of the most memorable ones. If you’re a fan, or know someone else that is, it might be a good thing to take them to see this and while you’re out and about in the city, make sure to take in some of the wonderful splendors that it has to offer you.

The concert is expected to run from October 21 through the 28. You’re able to get tickets for any of those days, since they are putting on shows on each of them. Now is your chance to catch this one of a kind band, in concert, live in NYC. You’re able to get your tickets right here at Ticket Center for the best seats and the best prices that you can imagine! Don’t miss out on a concert that everyone is going to be talking about! Get your tickets now!

Maroon 5 is Going to be in Canada!

12th September 2014 | Category: Concerts

Don’t miss out on the largest show that Maroon 5 has ever put on. The best part? It is three bands in one great show. You’re able to not only see Maroon 5, but also MAGIC! And Rozzi Crane. Be able to get the beautiful music that you want – without having to spend a fortune on each concert individually – who said seeing a concert wasn’t worth it? When you find one that you have to see, you will be more willing to spend the money in order to see it.

So what is so good about this upcoming concert in Canada? Well, it is in one of the largest venues – so you know you’re going to be able to get some great seats. The sound is going to be the best you’ve ever heard, while you’re also going to make sure that you’re seeing and hearing the bands that you love.

Get Your Tickets!

With them in mind, you’re going to want to get your tickets as soon as possible! This means making sure that you go to one of the best places to get them. At Ticket Center, you’re able to get the best tickets, at the best prices so that you’re able to get the most out of the show – without having to spend too much in order to see some of your favorite bands and singers in concert.

MAGIC! Is one of the newer bands out on the market today, which means that you want to make sure that you’re able to see them first thing. This means finding them in a concert somewhere, then making sure you grab tickets. Their band is one of the best and they have picked up a large fan base along the way – so show you’re love and support when you choose to go to one of the concerts.

Now is the time to purchase the tickets you’re after for these concerts. You can feel good about them – plus you get to find the best seats. See all of the singers and bands up close and personal!

Justin Timberlake is Hitting the World in his 20/20 Experience World Tour

10th September 2014 | Category: Concerts

When it comes to Justin Timberlake, he is someone you do not want to miss in concert. He has all the right words, the right voice and the right moves. He is something that you probably did not see coming when it came to being in a boy band and then branching out on his own – he did and he did it all with the help and support of those around him – his fans.

If you’re one of his fans, then consider what he is offering when it comes to his 20/20 Experience World Tour. He is giving everyone the chance to come see him live, on stage, singing some of the favorite songs that you love – who wouldn’t love this?

The Tour Info

During this tour, he is hoping to do a few old favorites, along with some of the ones that he has recently released to provide the audience with a great show and some of the best Justin Timberlake music. He is bringing along some other well known singers, they just haven’t been released yet – so you can look forward to having them there, as well.

All of Justin’s tours are worth buying a ticket for, not only do you get to see one of the best shows, but the King of Pop is definitely worth the money. Many people are already filling out the venues, so it might be worth it to grab your tickets ahead of time to get the most out of the concert, and so you’re prepared for what comes next in the show.

If you’re ready to purchase your tickets, then make sure to check out Ticket Center and see what they are offering, before they are sold out! They have only the most affordable tickets, with the best seating in the house – grab yours today! You do not want to let this tour pass you by, plus he is going to be in many different states – so you can make sure to find a show near you!

Newest Musical on Broadway – Kinky Boots

5th September 2014 | Category: Theater


Broadway is theater like you’ve never seen it before. Totally dressed up, lots of singing and dancing but did you know – those are their real voices? If you’ve never seen a Broadway show before, consider seeing a brand new one – Kinky Boots is going to be showing and you’re able to get your tickets as soon as you would like so you can see the most talked about show in Broadway. Be able to see the hit comedy, drama and just about everything like you’ve never seen it before. It is one of the biggest hits to be placed on the stage and when the tickets are gone – they are gone. This means you need to rush and get them before the show is sold out. The tickets are on sale here at Ticket Center, for an affordable price. You just have to make sure to beat everyone else that wants to see this awesome Broadway for themselves. What You See Heels, heels, heels are what you’re going to see when it comes to this classic that you can only see on the big screen. Make sure to grab some friends and bring them out for a night of adventure and fun. Bright lights, sparkling dresses, men and women putting their take on the world all in one fabulous show, for one fabulous night. If you’ve never did Broadway, take the time to check it out. If you’re ready for a good time then perhaps it is time to grab the tickets now. The show is going to be going on between September 3 to the end of October – so you have plenty of time to find out which day is going to work the best for you. What are you waiting for? Now is your chance, check out Ticket Center to find out how to get your tickets for a decent price. Don’t stop on Broadway though, there are tickets for every type of show you would like to see from concerts to sports, to everything else in between.