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Cirque du Soleil Showing a More Sensual Side

27th August 2014 | Category: Las Vegas

Cirque du Soleil is mystifying enough while just watching some of the story lines such as Ka, O or LOVE. This new show – Zumanity – might be a little more risque than you might have seen previously. It is also one of the ones heating up the chat rooms, tickets are being purchased left and right and people are lined up to see such a hot, new and exciting show.

Through dance and sensuality, the women and men of Cirque du Soleil put on an impressive performance of the human body. Not only is this a chair gripping, edge of your seat performance but it is one that is going to make you want to be just a little bit more romantic. Through the art of gymnastics, they are able to bring the human body to a whole new level that perhaps you did not know of before.

The Show 

With well choreographed movements that are smooth and paced, you will be amazed and not want to look away. Grab seats up front or choose to sit towards the back. They provide a lot of beauty that you might not have seen before. If you’ve never seen a Cirque du Soleil show before, this one could be your first. It is an experience that you do not want to miss out on.

Their other shows sell out quickly, but this one is a hot one. This is one that many people do not want to miss out on. It is shown in Las Vegas, has awesome ticket prices through Ticket Center and can be enjoyed again and again, since they have multiple showings, at different times, on different days – so you know you’re getting the most for your money when you can choose which time and day works the best for you.

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Linkin Park Carnivores Tour Started – Get Your Tickets!

22nd August 2014 | Category: Concerts

Linkin Park has made a kick off this summer with their Carnivores tour. They have managed to go through many states, playing songs and making their fans love them even more. If you’re a Linkin Park fan and didn’t know they were on tour, perhaps it is time to check out Ticket Center for a chance to get tickets to some of their upcoming concerts in your area.

Thirty Seconds to Mars is alongside them, rocking out and putting on one of the best shows that you cannot miss out on. They have been on tour for a few months now, but are not slowing down. They are hoping to hit up the rest of the east coast while on tour, then make their way to the west. They are going to be making their way around the entire country, so no matter where you live in the US, or even Canada, you’re able to see the show, live and in concert.

Get Your Tickets! 

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Linkin Park has been around for a while, but they still remain a band that everyone loves to see. So when the time comes and they are in your neighborhood, it might be time to spend a night watching them live. Their concerts are breathtaking, amazing and everything that you could ever imagine when it comes to seeing a band on tour. Especially one like Linkin Park! Everyone has something to talk about each time they leave one of their concerts, make sure you have a story to tell when you go to the concert near you, plus you get to see Thirty Seconds to Mars, as well.

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Jason Aldean on the Burn it Down Tour – Tickets Now Available

20th August 2014 | Category: Concerts

Fans of Jason Aldean are able to have plenty of opportunities to see him perform in many different locations. All along the east coast, you’ll be able to grab tickets to see him live, in concert at some of the best venues that the states have to offer. Consider purchasing advance tickets for the shows at Ticket Center. You’ll be able to be ahead of everyone, before they are all sold out.

What does this concert have in store for all of the fans out there?

Concerts Across the Board

This tour is set to go on for months, allowing everyone enough time to get a sneak peak into the many concerts that he is going to be doing. Openings by some of the best country singers, as well. So you’re able to get a little bit of other country into the songs that he sings. From New York to Missouri and then down to South Carolina, tickets are selling out fast. This is just for the upcoming month. He plans on making it further around the country while on tour, so catch those tickets as soon as they become available.

With tickets selling quickly, since Jason Aldean is one of the most loved country singers of the year, you may want to find out where to purchase them – hint, hint — Ticket Center is offering them ahead of time. Beat the line and make sure to grab a few for everyone that you know or let them know where they can grab theirs! He will be singing a few old, but good songs, along with a lot of the new ones that you know and love.

Everyone that has already seen one of his concerts know just how great it is to watch. He is on fire, this tour’s name says it all. Each performance he gives is better than the last. Why miss out on a chance to see one of your favorite country singers in action. The Burn it Down Tour is going on now, so make sure to grab your tickets! Only from the number one ticket seller out there! Ticker Center!

Fall Tour for O.A.R. Set to Start 2014

15th August 2014 | Category: Concerts

O.A.R announced their latest tour dates and are ready to take on the many different areas that they are going to be stopping at. The tour is set to go on throughout the month of November with various tour dates. The band is going to be busy with all of the stops that they have put on the list – they want to ensure that they get the most in for this upcoming tour.

O.A.R is known for some of their live performances that they have done throughout the years. The first tour being in 1996, was a success with many fans showing up and having a great time. They even have live albums that can be purchased from some of their better tours.

This tour is in honor of their recent album release – The Rockville LP which came out this June. They are hoping to go bigger and better for this upcoming tour and are looking for those that want to come out and have a good time. They will be singing some of the songs from previous albums, but a lot of the content is going to be from the newer one to promote the songs.

Some of the areas that they are going to be stopping in include:

Florida, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts.
All of these states have specific cities and venues where they are going to be performing, check with your local concert venue to learn more.

The band is currently on a summer tour as of now, but are hoping to rest for a couple of months and get right back on the road to do what they love doing the most. They are set to hit MN, OH and NY in the month of August before slowing down until November.

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Kings of Leon Cancel Their Tour Dates

13th August 2014 | Category: Concerts

Many fans will be sad to know that the Kings of Leon have canceled their tour dates for their upcoming summer/fall tour. The drummer, Nathan Followill sustained injuries from a bus crash recently and needs time to heal before he is able to get back on the drums again. This means tickets are no longer out there. For the next two weeks, per the doctor’s orders, the band has to nix all of the tour dates out. The Mechanical Bull tour is set to keep rolling on August 28, but that is only if Nathan’s rib heals fully. He is taking the cancellation with stride but is anxious to get back out on stage on one of their biggest and best tours that they have ever done.

Which Shows?

The shows that will be affected are mostly in NY but there were a few spread out in OH and IN. If you’re looking to get tickets for their first show to start the tour back up – they will be in NJ. They are hoping to come back around to visit the missed places, but that is going to be something announced at a later date. Right now, they are just trying to get Nathan back up and running so he is able to be in good health when it comes to drumming on stage. He is ready to go, but the doctor stated that he should be off the set for a while to allow his rib to completely heal. If it doesn’t and he does drum before the doctor states, it could mean drumming is off the table for quite some time.

Their Return

Many people are anticipating the return of the band, have their tickets ready and excited about the show. The fans are wishing Nathan a speedy recovery during this tough time but can’t wait to see him take his seat at the drum set on the next show that is going to be put on. He is a definite when it comes to which drummer you want to see hit the stage. Don’t miss their come back on tour!

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