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WWE Raw is Coming to a Center Near You!

4th March 2015 | Category: Sports

With all that wrestling has to offer, you’re able to get the most out of going out and seeing the action live, right in front of you. While the rest of the world watching this happen right on their television screens at home, you can actually be a part of the action and go to the show. Each seat provides an up close and personal look at your favorite wrestlers, and the show that they put on for everyone to see.

Getting Your Tickets to an Exciting Show

When you want to go out and see the show live, you have to find out more about the tickets, the seats and the show you’re going to see. Of course, you want to know if you’re going to be able to meet your favorite wrestler, or even watch them perform in the ring that night when you choose to come out and see the show. With so many places for the show to go on, there is a venue near you, offering the tickets you want to help you see the show.

The tickets offered provide many different rows, backstage passes and many other incentives, depending on the specific tickets that you choose to get. They range in price but the price is affordable to any budget, and to pay for the excitement that you want to get from the show at hand. Check out the wrestlers that are going to be in the area, what you can get from them and how they are going to provide you with the show that you want to watch. Bring the family, and watch the action live, right there in front of you so you can then make the most of the time and what they give.

Check out all that Ticket Center has to offer when it comes to gaining the tickets you want, when you want them. Get an affordable price and a show that you cannot miss out on. You will not regret it in the end when you see your favorite wrestler take the ring, and dominate over all of the others that come to compete against him.

The Beatles LOVE by Cirque Du Soleil- A Can’t Miss!

27th February 2015 | Category: Las Vegas

Aerial performances that will blow you away, urban dancing that boggles the physically bound mind, and the music of The Beatles? That’s right, The Beatles LOVE by Cirque Du Soleil takes the astronomical proportions of the talented performers in Cirque Du Soleil and combines it with the poetry, politics, and influence of the 1960’s, not to mention, the music of the band that defined the era.

No bigger group rocked the 60’s like The Beatles. Their songs were the sounds of a decade on the verge of revolution. The music of The Beatles was shaped by the emerging rebellion of the youth and the politics that raised more eyebrows than civilian support. People were sick of the lies and oppression that became a plague- post the Kennedy assassination- and protest became the common core of the streets. No band is associated with this time more than The Beatles, and their music was appealing to everyone. Even well to do college students put aside their personal gains in the interest of peaceful revolt that coincided with the mop top foursomes’ music.

Such a memorable era can only be recreated in the theatre by performers who will do it justice, and what better performers than the amazingly talented artists who form Cirque Du Soleil? Few Las Vegas shows capture the psychedelic essence of the 60’s better than Cirque Du Soleil, and so combining their art with the music of The Beatles was inevitable. Well stop wishing and hold on to your knickers because this show has come to LOVE theatre, Mirage- in Las Vegas, Nevada- and tickets are on sale now!

If you’re looking for a specific date and time to attend, you might need to act fast. You can surely bet that tickets are selling quickly, but thankfully this show seems like it’ll be around for quite a while. Las Vegas is home to some of the most theatrical performances on the planet, and this show falls not the least bit short. The Beatles AND Cirque Du Soleil? If you’re looking for an extremely entertaining and enlightening evening, look no further.

Make sure to grab your tickets to this awesome show right from Ticket Center today!

Florida Georgia Line in Madison Square Gardens

25th February 2015 | Category: Concerts

If you’re looking for a great time, good people and wonderful music then you have to visit a Florida Georgia Line concert where you can find all three of those and so many other things out there. No one said that going to a concert was boring, and when you have the chance to get the best tickets, the best seats in the house then why wouldn’t you choose to spend some cash on a few tickets, grab some beer and have a great time listening to some of the best music.

The Soothing Sounds of Country

Country music may not be for everyone but when it comes to listening to the soothing sounds of any music, then the Florida Georgia Line is what you want to listen too. They have feel good music for anyone out there, no matter what it is that they like to see and hear. The band likes to keep everyone listening, enjoying the music and getting much more from what they are providing and so on.

Have a good time, get some food and drinks and so much more. Madison Square Gardens is a beautiful place, and when you can visit a concert going on when the weather is nice and people come together, then you should grab the tickets that are needed to become a part of what they are providing.

Whether this is your favorite band or one that you know of, you do not want to pass up an opportunity to go see a great band, at the best price, in the best areas. Grab your tickets, grab your friends and make sure to get all you can out of the experience and so on. With the help you’re able to get from the country music, you’re then able to take the next step and have a great time.

Make sure to see the many choices of tickets that Ticket Center is offering for those that want to go to the Florida Georgia Line concert and find out just how great a country concert with good people can be.

A Month in The Country

20th February 2015 | Category: Theater

Just as“Orange is The New Black” and “Game of Thrones” fans are becoming antsy, anxiously awaiting new seasons of their favorite shows, important news is delivered from Broadway.  Litchfield’s lead in mate and Throne’s witty and talented star, are debuting in their very own anticipated production, entitled “A Month in The Country.”


Set in a calmer, more quiet era, Schilling’s character is to be tempted by the alluring ways of a younger man.  Natalya Petronova’s intent is to hire a respected teacher to instruct her educationally delayed son, but soon she finds herself entwined in a forbidden and complicated relationship.  Eroticism, comedy and drama are all explored in this interesting production.  “A Month in The Country” will interpret how emotions and pride translate through each member of its talented ensemble.

Impressive Cast

This play, penned by Ivan Turgenev has acquired the full attention of audiences.  Taylor Schilling and Peter Dinklage will be drawing from their impressive, dramatic skills to portray individuals struggling to maintain friendship during a troubling time.  New to Broadway, Schilling has been cast as Natalya Petrovna.  The versatile Dinklage will be expanding his repertoire in the role of Rakitin.  Dinklage’s character is secretly in love with a married Natalya.

Schilling is well known for her role as emotional and intelligent Piper Chapman in “Orange is The New Black.”  In 2015 she was honored by the Screen Actors Guild and awarded for her outstanding performance as part of an ensemble.  Her Broadway co-star has received an Emmy for his dedication and outstanding performances in “Game of Thrones.”  These two brilliant stars are sure to shine bright in their rendition of the previously well received play.  Each has extensive acting experience and a dedicated fan base.

Joining the Audience

Tickets can be purchased online here at Ticket Center through March 2015.  Visit the Classic Stage Company to experience a production you will not soon forget.  A nice, entertaining piece to stave off the winter months.  This show is sure to capture your attention with its impressive cast and creativity.

Brad Paisley is Back on Tour!

19th February 2015 | Category: Concerts

This is very exciting news for any country fans out there.  Brad Paisley is in the midst of traveling across parts of the United States for his mid-year tour.  Enjoy his unique country sound in person.  Experience Brad’s personalized video shows that play in the background while he performs.  These unique animations are created by him, and contain electrifying light shows, music videos and more.  In addition to the amazing sounds and visionary experience, Mr. Paisley plays about 20 different guitars throughout each show.

Tour Dates

Brad Paisley is beginning his all encompassing tour on February 19 in Texas and the fun goes on until October 19, 2015.  That’s 9 months of opportunities to see one amazing show!   This tour includes boardwalk halls, large concert arenas and wide open lawn seats.  From Texas, to Pennsylvania, to New York, you are sure to catch him at one of his reasonably priced shows.

How Much?

Here at Ticket Center we provide premium pricing depending on where you want to be during the concert. We provide many different seats to choose from, each with affordable prices. Of course, we want to make sure you can see the action so we only sell those that provide you with the seating, the fun and all the Brad Paisley you could ever ask for when you come out and see him!

Stick Around Until the End!

Brad Paisley plays an impressive collection of songs throughout his shows, covering a variety of his music.  He mixes the old, with the new.  There is a very special performance that includes a holograph of talented Carrie Underwood, it looks like she is really on stage!  Be sure to stick around until the very end, because he comes back again and again for encores!  This is one country artist who truly appreciates his loyal fan base.

Don’t let the fun stop there. Make sure to check out what other tickets Ticket Center is offering so you’re able to get the most from what we have to provide. Not only can you get concert tickets, but events in Las Vegas, sports games and even theater shows on Broadway!