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NCAA Tickets – Get ‘Em Now!

27th March 2015 | Category: Sports

When it comes to the NCAA, you have to make sure that you’re prepared, especially if your team is going to be playing at the final four countdown. There are many teams that come and go, and only the best remain. Grabbing tickets for this event can be one of the best things you can do when it comes to watching the excitement live – and not from your television screen. The teams that make it are going to put on one good game, and you can be there to take the game in and have a great time.

The Parties and Halftime Show

There is to be a halftime show in between the final four complete with artists. This is something that any basketball fan can look forward too, since halftime shows are not usually done for these basketball games. You usually get to watch the cheerleaders when the time comes, which is not a bad thing, either. However, having a concert at a sports game means you’re getting a two for one and everyone loves the fact that you get a bit more out of the ticket price when you buy them.

There is an after party that is going to take place and everyone is invited to come along. When it comes to the end of the game, you can celebrate the victory with some drinks and good company. The tickets for this are a bit more than the general tickets, but it can be well worth it in the end. Even the basketball stars are going to be there, and you may even have a chance to meet with them and get more out of being at the ball game.

Why wouldn’t you get tickets for this game and all that comes with it when you want to watch a little competition out on the court and then settle for the halftime show and after party? Splurge a little and have some fun when the time comes. Ticket Center has the tickets on sale right now for you to make use of! Grab them today before they are all gone!

Sam Smith is Melting Hearts All Over The World

25th March 2015 | Category: Concerts

Sam Smith is surely on the rise. He is winning our hearts, and topping the charts. Influenced by Adele and the late Amy Winehouse, Sam Smith rose to stardom with his debut album In The Lonely Hour, at just 22 years old. Three songs off of his debut album are currently on the Billboard Hot 100, one of which has been on the list for an outstanding 49 weeks. In the two years he has been relevant, he has been nominated an impressive 39 times in both Europe and the United States combined. Of all 39 nominations, he had won 17 of the categories nominated for.

Sam’s Success

Most impressive, though, is Sam Smith’s success at the 2015 Grammy Awards. Nominated in six different categories, he brought home awards for four out of six categories. These categories included record of the year, song of the year, new artist, and pop vocal album. This kind of win is extremely impressive for such a new artist. While accepting the award for record of the year, Sam Smith said “I would like to thank the guy this album is about. By breaking my heart, you won me four Grammys!” Looks like heartbreak really is the best inspiration for song writing.

Lucky for Sam Smith lovers, he is presently on tour! While he is currently selling out shows around Europe and other continents overseas, Sam Smith is hitting the United States starting on July 17th in Louisville, Kentucky at the 2015 Forecastle Festival. During this tour he will be performing at 19 different venues all over the United States, from the west coast to east coast and in between. Sam Smith’s last performance in the United States on this tour will be just a month after arriving, on August 17th, in Grand Prairie, Texas at the Verizon Theater at Grand Prairie.

While Sam Smith is performing sold out shows in Europe, fortunately for everyone looking to see him sing live he currently does not have any sold out shows in the United States. Be sure to get your tickets for your venue of choice before they sell out!

Rihanna and Zac Brown Band Top Final Four Concerts

20th March 2015 | Category: Concerts,Sports

In conjunction with the Final Four basketball games, both Rihanna and the Zac Brown Band will performing as headliners for the nights when the games are going on. This is a big step for the world of basketball since they never really did something big like a concert or two for the crowds that come out to watch them, or even watch from the comfort of their own home.

The Details

While the two both actively watch basketball games during the final four, they make sure to provide their help when it comes to doing a little something extra for those that are playing basketball on the courts or watching from the side lines. This is a big change, but one that is expected to bring a much larger audience with it, which is always an ideal thing when it comes to the world of sports.

With the help of Rihanna and the Zac Brown Band, many people from all over the world are now going to watch the Final Four happen right from home, or even purchase tickets to see the bands and the games play out live in front of them. In addition to the concerts that will happen, there will also be festivities after the game which means you’re able to go out and party. All of the players, and the stars that attend are going to be there and if you’re lucky and have a VIP spot, you just might be able to meet with all of them. Why wouldn’t you want to get tickets to one of the hottest sporting events that is happening soon?

Do you have your tickets to the concerts and games coming up?

Make sure to check out what Ticket Center is offering. You’re able to get the best seats at the best prices. Not only can you get the concerts but watch your team win the Final Four. This is exciting and fun to do, so why not grab the tickets you need now! Make sure to upgrade your seats and your tickets to include the after party that is going on!

Blue Man Group in Las Vegas

18th March 2015 | Category: Las Vegas

The Blue Man Group has been around for quite some time, and so many people have seen their shows but have you?

The show is one that you do not want to miss out on because not only does it excite people but it is fascinating and even funny at times. You can have some drinks, snacks and sit back to enjoy the show in front of you. Nothing could be better than this when it comes to watching any show throughout the exciting and fast city of Las Vegas.

The Show 

The show is one of the most widely sold out shows throughout the city, meaning that you have to get your tickets now or you might miss out on a chance to watch them live, right in front of you. The front row tickets are just as exciting because you’re right there where they are watching them perform and being able to take it all in with these first class seats.

The show brings together art, music, science and theatrics to bring you an award winning show that you will feel energized just watching. They perform many different shows so that you’re able to grab tickets to one of them. This is spoken of as a one of a kind experience that you have to check out when the time comes to visit the area, or if you’re specifically visiting the area because of this. You want to feel good about watching the show, and with all of the raving reviews out there about it, you can feel just as good when you purchase the tickets.

Why wait any longer to watch this loved, most talked about show for years – purchase tickets today so you can be one of the people talking about to others.

If you do not have your tickets yet, make sure to check out what Ticket Center has available. We are offering some of the best prices for the Blue Man Group in Las Vegas, in the best seats in the house. Make sure to grab yours today and bring a friend to see the Blue Man Group live!

She’s Got 99 Problems, And Production Is One

13th March 2015 | Category: Concerts

Iggy Azalea is an Australian rapper who has been breaking records in the United States since she got her big break in 2014. She became the fourth solo female rapper to ever top the US Billboard Hot 100 with her single “Fancy” featuring Charlie XCX. She also became the second artist to ever have her first two hit songs reach the first and second spots on the Billboard Hot 100 in the same week, joining the Beatles in that success. Although Iggy Azalea is still fairly new to the music industry, she has certainly made her mark and proved herself as a female rapper.

In addition to Iggy Azalea’s two top hits, she has had three other singles on the Billboard Hot 100. One of these singles peaking at the number three spot, Black Widow Featuring Rita Ora. Of all five of Iggy Azalea’s songs that have made the Billboard Hot 100 list, four of them have been on the list for ten weeks or over.

Iggy on Tour

Iggy Azalea postponed The Great Escape tour, which was scheduled to hit twenty three states in the United States, just a month before it was scheduled to begin. The rapper rescheduled most of her tour due to “production delays” for later this year, but did have to cancel a few shows due to scheduling conflicts as well. Starting in San Diego, California at the Valley View Casino Center she will be performing in twenty different cities across the United States as well as Toronto, Canada. The tour is scheduled to run from September 18th, 2015 to October 27th, 2015.

This news could be bad news to those of you who have already bought tickets for her tour which was supposed to start in April, but tickets will still be valid for the newly scheduled date of the concert as long as the event was not canceled. Tickets have been continuously selling since December 20th and will continue tobe sold for the new tour dates through Ticket Center so make sure to grab yours today!