Suicide Silence Are Launching Virtual World Tour

3rd July 2020 | Category: Concerts

Livestream music concerts can air globally, but a growing number of artists experiment with geofenced online concerts. These can only be viewed by fans in a particular part of the world and are sometimes a part of virtual ‘tours’ with a string of performances.

Deathcore band Suicide Silence have partnered with Bandsintown to bring what they’re calling “the most extensive geofenced virtual tour experience to date”. 

That means a series of concerts between July 2nd and July 30th, each one a 90-minute performance filmed with multiple cameras, geofenced for 39 cities.

Video Q&As, skits and chatrooms for song requests are all promised as part of the experience. There’ll be exclusive merchandise for sale, and the shows will be ticketed: the details are also geofenced, but the tickets are priced at $10.

The tour will include Mexico City, Bangkok, Jakarta, Tokyo, and Moscow, as well as major cities in Europe and North America. 

In a recent interview with Forbes, Suicide Silence guitarist, Chris Garza, talked about the band’s “Virtual World Tour” and its concept.

“What’s cool about this idea is that there’s no band or artist on the planet that’s doing anything like this, or even close to the caliber that we’re doing it. And let’s say touring does pick up, we could still do this because it’s still its own thing. I think once it evolves and people see what’s actually going on, I think the word of mouth is truly going to start spreading around to where even when touring starts we could still be doing this.

I’m doing my best to be optimistic, but I think artists are going to be forced to think outside the box and start evolving when they realize how far away a show in person is going to be. This is going to transcend us, and hip hop artists and pop artists going to start looking at what a death metal band is doing. We’re kind of the only one’s paving this way, this is not a livestream which is why we coined “Virtual World Tour.” So we’re talking about a way to make things fresh and worth peoples while to actually sit down and watch this.

The tickets for Suicide Silence shows are available here

Suicide Silence Virtual World Tour

Show Date and Time: July 2, 2020, 7pm EDT – July 30, 2020, 9pm MSK

Show Location: New York, NY – Moscow, RU

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