Best Musicals to See in February 2023

8th February 2023 | Category: Theater

Every season is the perfect time to enjoy some musical theatre. And with the holidays slowly winding down Valentine’s Day just around the corner, a musical show is just what the doctor ordered to stave off those winter chills.

From Broadway to London’s East End, great musical theatre can be found anywhere you look. However, the best musicals to see in February 2023 are not always on the big, famous stages. It takes a little digging sometimes, and we’re here to help you decide what, where, and when to see.

Here’s our list of top musicals in 2023.

Phantom of the Opera

We’ll start with a timeless classic that has been a staple musical in theatres across the globe for decades now. If you’ve never seen the Phantom on the big stage before, you’ll be doing yourself a favour if you get your tickets on time. Even if you have, it never hurts to freshen up – especially with the incredible productions we’ll have a chance to see throughout early 2023.

If you’ve (somehow) not familiar with it, the Phantom of the Opera follows the story of a young soprano and her obsession with a mysterious stranger. The piece holds the record for being the longest-running show in Broadway history. However, it first premiered in 1986 at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London. Which is exactly where you’ll be able to see it.

Missing it will be heard, too – shows are scheduled to continue until September! Click here to see which dates are available and purchase tickets on time.

If you happen to live across the pond – no worries. New Tork’s Majesty Theater has also scheduled regular showings of Phantom of the Opera until mid-April. Get your tickets here!

Phantom of the Opera London Dates:

February 6 – September 30

Shows take place in irregular intervals – almost every day, but with some exceptions due to conflicting schedules. Check the available tickets for more info.

Funny Girl

We’ll carry on our list with another 60s classic that you don’t want to miss. Based loosely on the biography of a vaudeville entertainer, Funny Girl is an iconic tale of a star’s rise. It includes hits such as ‘Don’t Rain on My Parade’ and ‘People’, which have gone on to find acclaim far beyond Broadway.

We could go on to wax poetic about Funny Girl’s many successes and accolades. We really don’t see much need, though. If you’re into musicals, you know of Funny Gitl, and the Micheal Mayer-led production is well worth your attention. If you’re just getting into the world of the Great White Way, the show is even more of a must-see. Click here to find out what your ticket options are!

Funny Girl Broadway Dates

February 5 – May 28

Performed every day barring Mondays.

Standing at the Sky’s Edge

If you’re looking for something a bit more modern, Londoners have a great chance to see the acclaimed Standing at the Sky’s Edge.

Hailing from Sheffield and created by Richard Hawley and Chris Bush, this musical follows the stories of three generations of Sheffield Park’s Hill Estate. Its premiere had critics and fans clamouring for more, and it was scheduled to transfer to the Royal National Theatre back in 2020. The lockdown killed any hopes of that at the time, but it seems the transfer is finally happening.

This means that this is a unique two-month opportunity to see one of the best musicals in 2023. Get your tickets now and find out why the rave reviews are right.

Standing at the Sky’s Edge Dates

February 9 – March 25

Only shown at the National Theatre.

The Lion King

Diesney’s iconic tale is about to see a return to the theatres across the US. Following the release of the long-awaited live-action film remake, Disney decided to follow it up with a series of musical shows throughout the country. If you haven’t had the chance to see it since the original premiere in 1997, now’s your chance!

Backed by the undeniable allure of the original animation’s story and with music written by none other than Elton John, the Lion King was a rather unsurprising success story. In the two and a half decades since it premiered, it has gone on to win the record for the highest-grossing musical play in history.

And while some may indignantly scoff at Disney taking over yet another area of art, the quality of the production is undeniable.

The Lion King musical in 2023 will be shown in theatres from New York to Hollywood! Click here to find your nearest theatre!

The Lion King Musical Dates

February 5 – May 2

The Academy of Music in Philadelphia, Minskoff Theatre in New York, Hollywood Pantages Theatre in LA, and many other locations are available.

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