Aerosmith Concert Tickets 2012

3rd April 2012 | Category: Concerts

The Bad Boy from Boston, or the popular American rock band Aerosmith will be having their concert beginning this June and will last until August this year all over the US. Aerosmith tickets are being sold now in leading online ticket stores. You better not miss the chance of seeing them once they go to your city as it is one of the most anticipated concerts of the year.

They are considered as America’s Greatest Rock and Roll band and they really do deserve to have such title. Aerosmith has proven that their music and style is timeless after being active in the music industry for decades. They could still rock up the stage like how they did during their first time and they do not fail to entertain their fans young and old.

Singer Steven Tyler, the vocalist of Aerosmith, now mostly seen as a judge in the American Idol, a talent show in the US, does not only know how to amuse the show’s watchers, but their rock band is still one of the best today and thus they’re still very active in inspiring Aerosmith fans with their upbeat music. Age has not made Aerosmith any less than that of their twenty years younger selves.

It is the same for band members Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer and Brad Whitford who still aim to making the best music there is. Since their formation in 1969, they have stayed together like glue despite past members going and new members coming in through the years. After they signed a deal with Columbia Records in 1972, they released a string of multi-platinum albums beginning in 1973 for their debut album, followed by Get Your Wings in 1974 then Toys in the Attic in 1975 and then Rocks in 1976. How’s that for a start?

After their string of platinum albums, they released two more albums and toured extensively. The decade of the 70’s must have been the best of their lives as they started out pretty big and fast. Unlike most rock bands that disband after a decade or two of success, Aerosmith continued on and spread their art and influence to millions of fans worldwide.

Not only did they conquer the music world but they also became a pop culture phenomenon with popular music videos and notable appearances in television, film, and video games. Decade after decade they scored multi-platinum albums and received so many music awards.

After 42 years of performing, Aerosmith still continues on after being hailed as the best-selling American rock band of all time with sales of more than 150 million albums worldwide. Not only that, they also have the most gold and platinum albums by an American group. Aerosmith doesn’t intend to stop there, their concert with Cheaptrick this year is to tell the world that great music will always be loved generations after generations. Get your cheap concert tickets now to watch the legend perform live.

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