King Kong the Musical Has Arrived to Broadway

5th October 2018 | Category: Theater

Theatre lovers, get ready to start thumping your chest. King Kong arrived in America and we hope it won’t end in a terrible tragedy. A stage musical adaptation starts performances on 5 October at the Broadway Theatre in New York.

Tickets are on sale right now if you want to take a seat as close as possible to the giant six-meter-tall ape.

After the recent cinema success of Kong: Skull Island, we’ll get to watch the one-ton, two-story silver ape on stage. The musical based on the original 1933 movie premiered in Melbourne in 2013 and its reincarnation now opens in New York. After conquering Australia, this mega-musical is ready for the New York crowd.

The show is written by Jack Thorne, the writer of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child which also debuted this year, as well as the modern horror classic, Let the Right One In. Songs are written by Eddie Perfect, famous for its work in Beetlejuice and Strictly Ballroom the Musical, and composed by Marius de Vries who worked on the movies La, la Land and Moulin Rouge. The play is set predetermined for success with such huge names on board.

Christiani Pitts, Eric William Morris and Erik Lochtefeld star in the production directed by Drew McOnie, Olivier Award-winning director-choreographer.King Kong himself was designed by Sonny Tilders with the help of animatronics and puppetry. The massive marionette puppet is controlled by a team of onstage puppeteers aerialists and his face is capable of expressing a breathtaking range of emotion.

The musical follows young actress Ann Darrow and filmmaker Carl Denham on their voyage from 1930s New York to an uncharted island to capture a great mysterious wonder.

“King Kong is a quintessential New York story, and I’m proud to be involved in this historic production,” the show’s producer Roy Furman said in a statement. “Our team is creating a theatrical experience that we hope will astound audiences while delighting them with its heartfelt storytelling.”

Enjoy watching the world’s most epic modern myth comes to life through the perfect mix of music, puppetry, animatronics and stagecraft. Buy your tickets here right now but hurry up, despite putting on 8 shows per week, the show has la limited engagement.

King Kong the Musical

Show Date and Time: Saturday, 13 October, 2018, 2pm

Show Location: Broadway Theatre New York, New York City

Age Restriction: Recommended for ages 8+, children under 4 are not permitted in the theatre

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