Nitro Circus Ready To Rock Europe This Fall

11th May 2018 | Category: Sports

If you are a fan of an adrenaline rush, then we have great news for you. After they finish rocking up North America, Nitro Circus is coming to Europe with all their mad stunts.

Don’t miss your chance and buy your tickets right now for this breath-taking show.

Nitro Circus has recently announced the European dates for their long-awaited You Got This tour and European fans will experience a whole new show when the circus rolls into their town after a two-year break. The show will kick off on 20 November in Birmingham and end on 9 December in Antwerp.

The show is currently performed in North America and will be hitting many cities until it wraps up on 23 June in Cincinnati, Ohio. Nitro Circus already has their own MTV show, an ED film and a DVD release and now a slot game is in the works.

This action sport collective is led by Travis Pastrana, featuring his friends who travel around the world riding dirtbikes and performing stunts. Pastrana is a pro FMX rider, rally car rider and former NASCAR driver and always the first who attempts any stunt he’s come up with.  Pastrana is World’s First in many stunts including barge-to-barge backflip on a motorbike. In London, he will attempt to backflip a 75-foot gap between two barges floating in the Thames River. Both will be 120-feet from the embarkment without any mooring lines tied to the shore or each other. He will put quite a breath-taking show for the London audience so make sure you’re in the first row to witness this.

He has uncanny ability to encourage his crew to go big or go home. The stunts designed for the European tour have been described as the greatest, craziest and funniest show in Nitro Circus history.

Travis explained that Nitro Circus is turning him loose and You Got This is just the show we’ve been waiting for.

“I’m throwing my best and worst ideas into one incredible two-hour show. Everything I’ve ever wanted to see live, we’re taking on the road. Expect bigger, brand-new ramps, even crazier stunts and so much more. It’s going to be unreal. Look out though, there might be a few rough landings.”

You Got This Tour

Show Date and Time: Friday, 1 June, 2018, 7pm

Show Location: Autzen Stadium, Eugene, Oregon

Show Duration: two hours

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