We’re Suckers for Jonas Brothers’ Happiness Begins Tour!

6th September 2019 | Category: Concerts

The JB Happiness Begins tour began on 7th August 2019 and the famous brothers have already shovelled in almost $20 million in only 12 shows.

The gross so far has surpassed the monetary outcomes of all of the band’s previous tours.

After six years, the brothers made up and kicked off in style.

Happiness Begins is their first tour after all of them got married. Sharing the title with their latest, fifth studio album the tour has racked up about $20m in just a few weeks since its beginning.

American Airlines Arena in Miami had the honour of hosting the initial concert. Needless to say, it was a sellout with 164,638 tickets sold, according to an official announcement.

Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena was the venue of choice for the two-night set on 23rd – 24th August 2019. The double concerts collected $2.8 million in just 48 hours. The follow-up was Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, which grossed $1.9 million on 18th August 2019.

There’s a long road to take, knowing that the tour concludes in February next year, in Paris. However, the average gross per show ($1.6 million) is a great start to the next world record in top-grossing tours in the band’s history. In 2009, the world tour scored a $1.1 million mark.

Fans can expect the American part of the tour to last until the end of 2019, when the Jo Bros will hop to Europe. As far as North America goes, their tour openers will be Bebe Rexha and Jordan McGraw. The first European show will then take place at O2 Arena in London, England on the 2nd day of February 2020.

The Happiness Begins tour is the band’s comeback line-up after their split in 2013.

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Happiness Begins Tour

Show Dates and Time: August7th – February 22nd 2020

Show Locations: 91 shows across the USA and Europe (Miami – Paris)

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