NFL Playoffs 2023/2024 & Potential Super Bowl LVIII Picks

15th November 2023 | Category: Sports

This season of football is slowly picking up, with several teams breaking serious records and changing standings each week.

For the most part, former finalists and current champions Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs remain among the favourites for this season’s Super Bowl, but it’s too early to make predictions as we aren’t near the playoffs.

Moreover, as the season progresses, there’s a plethora of games to look forward to – and matches you simply should not miss. The schedule for NFL 2023/2024 season is known, but as we move past Week 11, it’s time to start thinking about the potential teams who are going into playoffs this year.

Here are some of the most common predictions for 2023 NFL playoffs – and matches you can watch once playoffs begin.

Who’s Going into Playoffs 2023

Let’s start with AFC.

Kansas City Chiefs are leading the AFC seeding chances as the number one pick. There is also a 99% chance the Chiefs will make the playoffs – as they are currently standing at 7-2, closely followed by Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens (6-3 and 7-3, respectively).  The Dolphins again have a 95% chance of getting into playoffs, with Ravens being positioned third with a 91% chance.

The Jaguars are the fourth team in the conference that might get a chance to enter the 2023 playoffs with an 83% chance – which is pretty high chance, honestly. They also have a 64% chance to clinch the division. Houston Texans surprised everyone by going from a surefire number one pick to the bottom section of the list.

To sum up, the Chiefs, Dolphins, Jaguars, Browns, and the Steelers have chances to become seedings.

On the other hand, the NFC has strong standings too.

The Eagles are the absolute favorite both for the playoffs, to clinch the division and the bye week, and make it to the main event – the Super Bowl.

They are closely followed by San Francisco 49ers, who have secured their place in the playoffs with a 99% chance. Right behind the 49ers are Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys, with both teams having a 97% chance of entering the playoffs. In other words, a safe bet for sure.

The Vikings are another sure bet for entering playoffs, while Seahawks and Saints have a slightly lower but still pretty solid chance of making the playoffs. Sadly, their chance of getting all the way to the Super Bowl are very low (only 2%).

However, we would not be surprised to see Bucaneers and Los Angeles Rams enter the seeding in the conference, as they might join the wild-card race too.

Super Bowl LVIII: Surprise on the Horizon or a Repeat of 2023?

While we can easily make predictions regarding playoffs, it’s still too early to say things about the final event.

Super Bowl LVIII is months away, and we are still in the Week 10 of 18 – there’s still two months before we get to the final match.

Also, for context, Super Bowl LVIII will take place on Sunday February 11, 2024, in the Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada.

For now, the top 5 teams whose chances of getting to Super Bowl LVIII are the Philadelphia Eagles, the defending champions Kansas City Chiefs, San Francisco 49ers, Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens. These five teams all have chances over 20%, while remaining teams are less likely to be seen at kickoff in February in Nevada.

Important Games to Watch

If you want to feel the pulse of the season and enjoy premium-quality football – and see where things might go in the coming weeks, here are some of the game you should not miss.

Certainly one of the biggest and most anticipated games in week 11 is the Philadelphia Eagles – Kansas City Chiefs match taking place on November 20, 2023. You cah purchase the tickets for this game HERE.

This is the first time the two teams are meeting up after the Super Bowl 2023, when Chefs beat Eagles 38-35 and took the ring.

For now, odds and predictions for this match are hard to tell as they re quite balanced. The Eagles have one more win than the Chiefs, as Chiefs lost their debut season game against the Lions and the second game in the season against the Broncos.

Stay tuned for more predictions and news about Super Bowl LVIII.

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