Best Teams to Watch in MLB 2023 – Top 5 Most Watchable Teams

26th May 2023 | Category: Sports

If you’re buying tickets for any MLB 2023 series, you never quite know what you’re going to get. “Like a box of chocolates”, as one movie famously put it. You may be in for the show of a lifetime, or you may just bear witness to a slow-burn drag of a game in which the hot dogs are the most interesting part. It’s part of the charm of baseball, we suppose.

But what if there was a way to game the system? What if you could find MLB matches in 2023 that have the biggest shot at being interesting, exciting, or otherwise a treat to watch?

That’s our mission today. We initially considered listing must-watch series for the season, but that may just be too unpredictable. Instead, we’ll rely on our knowledge of team lineups, results, and playstyles to bring you a list of the best baseball teams to watch in 2023.

Obviously, the rankings are based on “watchability”, which is obviously not an exact science. We’re not ranking teams in terms of form, quality, or the chances of success – merely how exciting we believe they’ll be to watch in the season going forward.

If that’s clear, we can finally move on to the list itself!

New York Mets

We’ll kick things off with an obvious pick. Not only are the Mets one of the favorites to take the World Series, but the ridiculous amount of funding paints them as rather desperate to bring the title back to Queens. Moreover, they’re facing huge expectations – for better or worse. Chairman Steve Cohen made sure that the massive $336 million bankroll goes towards a star-studded roster that is sure to catch a lot of attention.

Despite losing Diaz and deGrom, the path for the Mets going forward is going to be explosive one – one way or another. They’ll either shine brighter than they have in years or crash and burn spectacularly. Either way, we’re in for a show!

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Philadelphia Phillies

Where the Mets are seen as favorites, the Phillies are just widely considered to be fun to watch. Plain and simple.

This has a lot to do with an eclectic lineup made up of players like T. Realmuto, Kyle Schwarber and Trea Turner. The good news is that all three will still be with the fightin’ fills. The bad news is that their performance in the season so far has been rather lacking.

Still, win or lose, the Phillies always seem to put up a good fight, which is what this list is all about. Beloved by fans and valued by tipsters, the Phillies are a must-watch squad for any true baseball fan.

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San Diego Padres

The Padres and their ongoing rivalry with the Dodgers are always some of the most-discussed topics among baseball fans. The ball seems to be firmly in LA’s court with a 5-win streak, so most tipsters doubt the Padres will be able to finish ahead. However, in our opinion (and the opinion of many other fans of analysts) they tend to put on a much better show than their more successful counterparts.

Putting aside the divisional rut, the Padres played around with their lineup quite a bit this year. The management made some unexpected calls, limiting their choice of pitchers but investing in picks like Soto and Bogaerts. It will be interesting to see how it will all play out, and we have no doubts the fans are in for a grand old show.

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Atlanta Braves

We don’t want this list to just be a rundown of MLB 2023 favorites, but we wouldn’t be doing anyone any favors by omitting the Braves. The fact is that the amount of talent behind the current lineup is simply insane. Would we say Atlanta is more watchable then the Mets? Probably not. But they’re also a uniquely talented squad thanks to big shake-ups in the runup to the season.

We won’t spend too much time analyzing the team’s performance – the divisional success or the World Series slumps. We will just say to keep an eye on Atlanta, the several rising starts in its roster, and the player-driven approach to strategy.

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Seattle Mariners

Despite what the previous entries on this list may have you believe, we’re not ranking the best-performing teams here. Our excuse is that better play is better to watch.

Still, we’ll round things off with a team that shines through on sheer likeability. Sure, the M’s aren’t exactly in strong form, boasting the longest drought in World Series appearances in recent memory. Despite all of that, the Mariners regularly appear in some of the most-acclaimed matches in any given MLB season. If you need evidence, we’ll point you towards the closing game of the 2022 post-season. Despite losing to Houston, the bout was a 6-hour spectacle that had the whole house on their feet.

In short, the Mariners have always been a crowd darling, and you need only visit a single game to find out why.

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