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Top 5 Summer Festivals in Europe This Year

19th June 2024 | Category: Concerts

Europe is host to dozens of massive, highly successful festivals, and that’s not restricted to specific seasons. However, it’s seems as if summer is always the best time of year to enjoy a fantastic festival – and if you are lucky enough, you can also make it a small vacation and enjoy a couple of days off traipsing around Europe.

Here are our top 5 summer festivals you can visit with friends, partners, and family this year!

Primavera Sound in Barcelona, Spain

The first item on our list is the absolute best summer festival in all of Spain – the Primavera Sound. Barcelona is on everyone’s bucket list, and if you are planning to travel this summer to a cool, summery location, then Barcelona is the best choice. Moreover, Primavera Sound is among the most popular festivals not just in Spain, but all of Europe.

The event houses an eclectic mix of amenities and genres – from electronic music to the dashing sounds of the guitar, there’s almost every genre covered at Primavera Sound. Paired with the city’s lovely (and very lively) nature, you get a fantastic combo to explore during the summer. Make sure to check out the Spanish cuisine when you are not at the festival to complete the experience.

Tomorrowland in Boom, Belgium

Tomorrowland is for EDM what Glastonbury is for rock music. A July event, taking place over a couple of days in Boom, Antwerp, this is the largest electronic music festival in Belgium. The capacity exceeds 70,000 visitors, and each year, the total number of festival goers increases. Tomorrowland has been around since 2005, which means next year is going to be a landmark year for the organization.

Bear in mind that there are other variants of Tomorrowland, such as the Tomorrowland Brasil taking place in Itu, Brazil, while March 2025 is the month when we get Tomorrowland Winter in France. This year, we are going to see Armin Van Buuren, ATliens, Don Diablo, John Newman, Netsky, MC Stretch, Miss Monique, and many others. Don’t miss this chance to experience the very best visual and audio event in electronic music you can experience in this world.

Glastonbury Festival in Somerset, England

Glastonbury is perhaps one of the biggest festivals in not just Europe, but also the UK. On this list, Glastonbury is by far the biggest in terms of space as it’s a greenfield festival so there’s lots of room for visitors to roam the field and explore the shows. Given its size and popularity, Glastonbury is always hard to get to – traffic, prices, whatnot – but it’s more than worth it.

As a summer festival, it’s always taking place in June but as it’s an English summer, it’s not that hot like it gets in other parts of Europe. The history of Glastonbury begins in 1970, and for over 40 years, it has been a staple of English music and musical events. This year, the stars headlining Glastonbury are Dua Lipa, PJ Harvey, SZA, Coldplay, Camilla Cabello, and many others who joined such as Anne-Marie, Jungle, Jessie Ware, the iconic Sugababes, Paloma Faith, and lastly, Shania Twain. It’s a must-see for sure.

Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary

Before we wrap up the list in the middle of Balkan, we are stopping by the Serbian neighbours – Hungary. The Hungarian capital is home to Sziget Festival, one of Europe’s largest festivals you can visit. However, there’s one thing that’s quite unique about Sziget – It’s located on Óbudai-sziget, a massive 108-hectare island on the Danube.  It takes place in August, in the middle of summer and during the hottest of days, so the fact that you are surrounded by water certainly helps.

Each year, Sziget draws in a massive crowd of visitors and performers. Over half a million people pass through the 5-day event. This year, Sziget will host Fred Again, Halsey, Kylie Minogue, Martin Garrix, Liam Gallagher, Sam Smith, RAYE, Dom Dolla, and many others.

EXIT Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia

Serbia is not a major country like France or Belgium, so it’s not a surprise its festivals are not that famous worldwide. There is one that’s reaching audiences worldwide, though, and it’s getting bigger and bigger with each year. That is, ladies and gentlemen, EXIT Fest. EXIT is predominantly a techno-EDM-house music festival, but the lineup each year features a full cast of diverse artists and performers. More often than not, the lineup includes cross-genre shows, which delight visitors from all walks of life.

A massive benefit of visiting EXIT in Serbia is the pricing. These festivals are frequently visited by students, which means funds and budgets are always on the tighter side. Thankfully, Serbia offers a plethora of options for budget accommodation and amenities, and since EXIT is not as big as Tomorrowland or Glastonbury, it’s easier to snatch up good accommodation at a lower price. And the culture, history and food are fantastic too.

NFL 2024 Schedule: 5 International Games in 3 Different Countries

15th May 2024 | Category: Sports

The NFL is in the offseason, but the break is not stopping fans from questioning what games will be the season opener in September. And even though training camp is yet to begin in August, both the teams and the fans are eager to see when their favorites are going to be on the program.

While we eagerly await the highly-anticipated NFL schedule for the 2024/2025 season, the NFL did announce their international games. And luckily for us, there is more than a few to look forward to.

International Games in 2024

With the Chiefs announcing their plan for a three-peat, both the organization and other teams are eager to create a challenge for the recently crowned champions. Rumors of the schedule flooded social media, and with some of them already confirmed, it’s clear that this season is not going to be easy for the Chiefs. But hey, they are not going to make it easy for the challengers, right?

Still, there had been a rumour that the Kansas City team is going to meet up with its opponent in Week 1 abroad. However, with the official announcement of the 2024 International Games schedule, that rumor was quickly dispelled.

Here is the full schedule for the 2024/2025 International Games in the NFL.

Green Bay Packers vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The first international game announced for the upcoming season is the Packers vs. Eagles. The two teams are set to meet up in São Paulo, Brazil! This is not just the first time either team is setting foot in South America, but actually the first-ever South America NFL game for the league. And what a way to kick it off!

This historically important match is taking place in the Corinthians Arena is São Paulo in Week 1. The exact date is September 6, 2024 (8:15 PM ET). Here’s another fun fact for the match: it’s the first Friday night game for the opening weekend in 50 years. A landmark event, for sure. Grab the tickets HERE.

New York Jets vs. Minnesota Vikings

A month after NFL enthusiasts set their eyes on South America, we pack our bags again.  The Jets headed by Aaron Rodgers are jetting off to London, UK, for a match with J.J. McCarthy-led Vikings.

It’s a big game for both teams. Rodgers is returning to the league after a season-ending injury in 2023. His injury undoubtedly affected the team, which suffered a lot while Rodgers was forced to watch from the sidelines. Could the 4-time NFL MVP turn this season into a better one?

The Vikings will certainly give their best. The match is set to take place in Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, UK, in Week 5. The exact date is October 9, 2024 (9:30 AM ET). You can get tickets for the event HERE.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Chicago Bulls

A week after the Jets and Vikings face off against each other, the Jaguars and Bulls are up. Same place, same stadium – the Tottenham Hotspur New Stadium. While Jaguars are well-versed in travelling overseas – they’ve been to London 12 times – the Bears are travelling for the third time. Moreover, the Bears have not had an international game since 2019. Does that complicate things? We’ll see on October 13, 2024 at 9:30 AM (ET).

The expectations are high for Jaguars’ Trevor Lawrence. The team expects to have a strong comeback and hopefully regain the title of AFC South champions again. Caleb Williams leading the Bears might have a thing or two against that. Get the front-row seats for the spectacle HERE.

New England Patriots vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

A week after they meet the Bulls in London, the Jaguars are packing their bags and moving to another stadium. Thankfully, they are not going far – they’re staying in the same city, in fact! This time, they are facing off with New England Patriots at Wembley Stadium on October 20. The time is the same as always, 9:30 AM (ET).

But what does this Week 7 matchup look like? Well, it’s clear that lots of things will depend on the result from the week before that. The Jaguars are facing a back-to-back international game appearance,                 which might stump some teams, but there’s no doubt the Jags are built to withstand it. But the Patriots are eager to prove themselves, especially with the departure of Bill Belichick during the offseason. Could Patriots and Drake Maye defeat the Jaguars? Check it out HERE.

New York Giants vs. Carolina Panthers

In the last season, we got to see two fantastic games in Germany. Both were played in Frankfurt, but this year, the NFL decided to give other German cities a chance. As a result, the fifth and final International Game for 2024 is taking place in Munich. This marks the second time the NFL is hosting a game in the city, returning after 2 years.

The teams are New York Giants and the Carolina Panthers. The Giants are at a bit of an advantage as their current record stands at 3-0 in international games. Sure, the 2023 season was abysmal for both teams, but the 2022 season proved to be quite fruitful for the Giants. And Bryce Young, the young Panther, is testing the international waters for the first time ever. Visit the Week 10 game on November 10 by purchasing a ticket HERE.


That’s a wrap, dear readers. Check out our other NFL updates and stay tuned for more info about the NFL schedule and the upcoming season.

Billie Eilish Announces New HIT ME HARD AND SOFT Tour

10th May 2024 | Category: Concerts

Billie Eilish is back, y’all! The famous singer immortalized through her hits such as ‘bad guy’, ‘bellyache’, ‘Ocean Eyes’, and many others is returning to both the radios and the stage this year.

The newly announced Hit me Hard and Soft album is her third studio album, set to release on May 17th, 2024. The album will be directly followed by a concert tour taking place September 2024 – July 2025.

Hit Me Hard and Soft: The Album

Like with every album, Billie and her brother Finneas will embark on a concert tour in celebration of new music. The creative duo has been insanely creative over the years, so it’s no doubt the new album is going to be considered a masterpiece in no time. After all, every single thing Billie and Finneas write turns into gold, as evidenced by the award-winning “What Was I Made For?” and “No Time to Die” written for Barbie and James Bond ‘s No Time to Die movies.

However, while Billie had released some music in the meantime, we haven’t had a studio album since 2021, when she released Happier than Ever. It’s been three years since we’ve had a collection of all-new Billie songs, and this summer is the summer that changes.

Not much is known about the new album expect it’s called Hit me Hard and Soft. The album comes out on May 17 2024.

Billie Eilish announced the album on April 8 through an elaborate marketing strategy involving billboards displaying snippets of lyrics from the album.

A couple of weeks later, Eilish announced a tracklist which showed the album consisting of 10 tracks. There’s going to be a listening party on May 15, and you can get tickets for it HERE.

Hit Me Hard and Soft: The Tour

Three weeks after the announcement for the new album, the artist announced the upcoming concert tour in support of the new album. In the announcement, she mentioned tickets going on pre-sale – and many fans were puzzled as to why would she announce a tour this early considering the album was not yet out. In fact, the main question was, how could fans buy tickets for a tour celebrating an album they haven’t even heard. However, it seems the fans weren’t puzzled by those questions too long as they quickly lined up to purchase tickets.

The tour titled Hit Me Hard and Soft: The Tour will officially begin in September 2024.

The first show will take place in Quebec City in the Videotron Centre, on September 29, 2024. Ultimately, the tour is set to conclude on July 27, 2025, at the 3Arena in Dublin.

Tour Dates

Here is the full list of dates for all the shows announced for the Hit me Hard and Soft: The Tour.

Let’s start with the 2024 dates.

  • September 29 – Quebec City, Canada  (Videotron Centre)
  • October 1 – Toronto, Canada (Scotiabank Arena)
  • October 2 – Toronto, Canada (Scotiabank Arena)
  • October 4 – Baltimore, USA (CFG Bank Arena)
  • October 5 – Philadelphia, (USA Wells Fargo Center)
  • October 7 – Detroit, USA (Little Caesars Arena)
  • October 9 – Newark, USA (Prudential Center)
  • October 11 – Boston, USA (TD Garden)
  • October 13 – Pittsburgh, USA (PPG Paints Arena)
  • October 16 – New York City, USA (Madison Square Garden)
  • October 17 – New York City, USA (Madison Square Garden)
  • October 18 – New York City, USA (Madison Square Garden)
  • November 2 – Atlanta, USA (State Farm Arena)
  • November 3 – Atlanta, USA (State Farm Arena)
  • November 6 – Nashville (Bridgestone Arena)
  • November 8 – Cincinnati, USA (Heritage Bank Center)
  • November 10 – Saint Paul, USA (Xcel Energy Center)
  • November 11 – Saint Paul, USA (Xcel Energy Center)
  • November 13 – Chicago, USA (United Center)
  • November 14 – Chicago, USA (United Center)
  • November 16 – Kansas City, USA (T-Mobile Center)
  • November 17 – Omaha, USA (CHI Health Center)
  • November 19 – Denver, USA (Ball Arena)
  • November 20 – Denver, USA (Ball Arena)
  • December 3 – Vancouver, Canada (Rogers Arena)
  • December 5 – Seattle, USA (Climate Pledge Arena)
  • December 6 – Seattle, USA (Climate Pledge Arena)
  • December 8 – Portland, USA (Moda Center)
  • December 10 – San Jose, USA (SAP Center)
  • December 11 – San Jose, USA (SAP Center)
  • December 13 – Glendale, USA (Desert Diamond Arena)
  • December 15 – Inglewood, USA (Kia Forum)
  • December 16 – Inglewood, USA (Kia Forum)
  • December 17 – Inglewood, USA (Kia Forum)

And that wraps up the 2024  half of the tour. This year is for the US tour dates, while 2025 is all about Europe. Here are all the European dates for 2025.

  • February 18 – Brisbane, Australia (Brisbane Entertainment Centre)
  • February 19 – Brisbane, Australia (Brisbane Entertainment Centre)
  • February 21 – Brisbane, Australia (Brisbane Entertainment Centre)
  • February 22 – Brisbane, Australia (Brisbane Entertainment Centre)
  • February 24 – Sydney, Australia (Qudos Bank Arena)
  • February 25 – Sydney, Australia (Qudos Bank Arena)
  • February 27 – Sydney, Australia (Qudos Bank Arena)
  • February 28 – Sydney, Australia (Qudos Bank Arena)
  • March 4 – Melbourne, Australia (Rod Laver Arena)
  • March 5 – Melbourne, Australia (Rod Laver Arena)
  • March 7 – Melbourne, Australia (Rod Laver Arena)
  • March 8 – Melbourne, Australia (Rod Laver Arena)
  • April 23 – Stockholm, Sweden (Avicii Arena)
  • April 24 – Stockholm, Sweden (Avicii Arena)
  • April 26 – Bærum, Norway (Telenor Arena)
  • April 28 – Copenhagen, Denmark (Royal Arena)
  • April 29 – Copenhagen, Denmark (Royal Arena)
  • May 2 – Hanover, Germany ( ZAG-Arena)
  • May 4 – Amsterdam, Netherlands (Ziggo Dome)
  • May 5 – Amsterdam, Netherlands (Ziggo Dome)
  • May 7 – Amsterdam, Netherlands (Ziggo Dome)
  • May 9 – Berlin, Germany (Uber Arena)
  • May 29 – Cologne, Germany (Lanxess Arena)
  • May 30 – Cologne, Germany (Lanxess Arena)
  • June 1 – Prague, Czech Republic (O2 Arena)
  • June 3 – Kraków, Poland (Tauron Arena)
  • June 4 – Kraków, Poland (Tauron Arena)
  • June 6 – Vienna, Austria (Wiener Stadthalle)
  • June 8 – Bologna, Italy (Unipol Arena)
  • June 10 – Paris, France  (Accor Arena)
  • June 11 – Paris, France  (Accor Arena)
  • June 14 – Barcelona, Spain (Palau Sant Jordi)
  • June 15 – Barcelona, Spain (Palau Sant Jordi)
  • July 7 – Glasgow, Scotland (OVO Hydro)
  • July 8 – Glasgow, Scotland (OVO Hydro)
  • July 10 – London, England (The O2 Arena)
  • July 11 – London, England (The O2 Arena)
  • July 13 – London, England (The O2 Arena)
  • July 14 – London, England (The O2 Arena)
  • July 16 – London, England (The O2 Arena)
  • July 17 – London, England (The O2 Arena)
  • July 19 – Manchester, England (Co-op Live)
  • July 20 – Manchester, England (Co-op Live)
  • July 22 – Manchester, England (Co-op Live)
  • July 23 – Manchester, England (Co-op Live)
  • July 26 – Dublin, Ireland (3Arena)
  • July 27 – Dublin, Ireland (3Arena)

You can purchase the tickets for the event right HERE.

Stay tuned for more info and updates on tickets and concert tours!

Coachella 2024: Lineup, Tickets, Info & Fun Facts

9th April 2024 | Category: Concerts

Coachella is here, guys! We are days away from the first weekend of the bi-weekend bash in the middle of California. The internationally acclaimed music festival picks up again this weekend, with a plethora of music guests and performers you should not miss if you happen to find yourself in Indio this Sunday and Saturday.

Coachella 101

Before we get into the details about this week’s first bash, let’s quickly list all the important details about Coachella. You know, just in case you haven’t had the chance to hear about this festival before.

Coachella, or officially, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, is an annual festival for music and arts taking place in the Colorado Desert. The exact location is the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, Coachella Valley.

The festival became a thing in 1999, when Paul Tollett and Rick van Santen joined forces and founded the event. The first festival is organized by Goldenvoice.

Regarding the choice of music and arts offered at the festival, there’s huge variety. For the most part, the festival is all about rock, pop, hip hop, and electronic music, with indie and rap performances adding much needed variety as well.

What started as a one-day event evolved over the years into two 3-day weekend events taking place in April. What’s curious is that the lineup is exactly the same on both weekends.

Coachella 2024

So, let’s take a look at this years lineup and what we can expect from Coachella this year. Like every year, it is a global event, attracting thousands of visitors from around the world. However, perhaps the most famous thing about Coachella is the guest list: it’s a known celebrity hangout place, and every year, people gather just so they could get a chance to spot their favourite stars.

Hollywood stars love the attention too, so it’s a well-oiled machine that works for everyone involved.

Now, for the past several years, Coachella has had the same format: two weekends, the same lineup on both occasions. This year is the same. Take a look below at the lineup at this year’s festival.

This Year’s Lineup

The main performance at 2024 Coachella is Lana del Rey. Lana is the Friday headliner, appearing before the audience on Friday, April 12 and 19.  Besides Lana, the opening nights of the festival will also feature Peso Pluma, Lil Uzi Vert, along with a number of stars and performers such as ATEEZ, Peggy Gou, Suki Waterhouse, Sabrina Carpenter, Neil Frances, Gorgon City, Tinashe, ANOTR, Steve Angello, Mall Grab, and more.

The second evening, or Saturdays April 13 and 20 will feature Tyler, The Creator. Besides him, you will also have th eprivilege to watch Ice Spice, Gessaffelstein, Sublime, Blur, Jungle, Grimes, Jon Batiste, LE SSERAFIM, Charlotte de Witte, Purple Disco Machine, Raye, FLO, Hatsune Miku, Saint Levant, Will Clarke, and Kimonos.

Lastly, the closing nights of the festival, Sunday April 14 and 21, will be headlined by Doja Cat. Besides Doja, we will also get a chance to enjoy performances by J Balvin, Jhene Aiko, Khruangbin, Carin Leon, Anyma, DJ Snake, LUDMILLA, Bebe Rexha, Coi Leray, Veronica Monet, Olivia Dean, Barry Can’t Swim, JOPLYN, and jjuuujjuu.

There are more names there, don’t worry. We just named a few on the top of our mind, but you can enjoy dozens of other performances and artists visiting Coachella this year.

Fun Facts

If you happen to be indisposed and couldn’t attend Coachella this year, the organizators of the event have a surprise. All players can watch the even in live mode! A YouTube live will be played throughout the weekend (both weekends) so you should get a chance to watch the entire thing and not miss anything. Of course, it’s always best to watch it in person, but a YouTube live is the next best thing.

If you want to find tickets for Coachella, please bear in mind that all tickets for the first weekend are sold out. There is no option to find tickets for the first weekend. However, if you want to attend the second weekend, you can find the tickets right HERE.

Kid Cudi Announces 2024-2025 Insano World Tour

14th March 2024 | Category: Concerts

Kid Cudi is going on a world tour! The Cleveland-born American rapper is a multifaceted artist whose genius is reflected in many forms, including music, acting, and fashion. This year, he is starting his sixth tour titled the Insano: Engage the Rage World Tour. The tour is split into two parts – the North American leg, lasting throughout 2024, and Europe, which Cudi visits in 2025.

Insano Album Conceptualization

Insano is the ninth studio album released by Kid Cudi.  It’s the last album Kid Cudi is set to release through his contract with Republic Records.

Insano mixes elements of hip hop and trap, acting as the sequel to Cudi’s Entergalactic from 2022.

But here’s the fun part – Insano was launched on January 12, 2024, and a little over a month later, Kid Cudi released a sequel titled Insano (Nitro Mega).  Insano release was preceded by two promo singles “Porsche Topless” and “At the Party”.

When he announced the album, Kid Cudi first discussed the album and said it is going to be ‘the album of the year’ and that it’s “probably the first album I’ve ever made where I’ve been truly 100% happy”. Finally, as Kid Cudi previously discussed potential retirement from music, he clarified that Insano and Insano (Nitro Mega) are not his last albums and that he indeed is not retiring.

Now, let’s see the tour dates and when you get to see Kid Cudi in all his glory.

Insano World Tour North America Dates

The tour will be supported by Pusha T, Jaden, and EarthGang. Here are the tour dates for the Nort American leg that will take place during 2024.

  • Fri Jun 28, 2024, Austin, TX / Moody Center
  • Sun Jun 30, 2024, Dallas, TX / American Airlines Center
  • Wed Jul 3, 2024, Nashville, TN / Bridgestone Arena
  • Fri Jul 5, 2024, Sunrise, FL / Amerant Bank Arena
  • Sat Jul 6, 2024, Tampa, FL / Amalie Arena
  • Tue Jul 9, 2024, Duluth, GA / Gas South Arena
  • Thu Jul 11, 2024, Raleigh, NC / PNC Arena
  • Sat Jul 13, 2024, Washington, DC / Capital One Arena
  • Sun Jul 14, 2024, Philadelphia, PA / Wells Fargo Center
  • Wed Jul 17, 2024, Newark, NJ / Prudential Center
  • Fri Jul 19, 2024, Toronto, ON / Scotiabank Arena
  • Sat Jul 20, 2024, Montreal, QC / Bell Centre
  • Tue Jul 23, 2024, New York, NY / Madison Square Garden
  • Wed Jul 24, 2024, Boston, MA / TD Garden
  • Sat Jul 27, 2024, Detroit, MI / Little Caesars Arena
  • Sun Jul 28, 2024, Rosemont, IL / Allstate Arena
  • Wed Jul 31, 2024, Cleveland, OH / Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
  • Fri Aug 2, 2024, Cincinnati, OH / Heritage Bank Center
  • Sun Aug 4, 2024, Kansas City, MO / T-Mobile Center
  • Wed Aug 7, 2024, Minneapolis, MN / Target Center
  • Fri Aug 9, 2024, St. Louis, MO / Enterprise Center
  • Sun Aug 11, 2024, Denver, CO / Ball Arena
  • Wed Aug 14, 2024, Phoenix, AZ / Footprint Center
  • Fri Aug 16, 2024, San Diego, CA / Pechanga Arena San Diego
  • Sat Aug 17, 2024, Las Vegas, NV / MGM Grand Garden Arena
  • Tue Aug 20, 2024, San Francisco, CA / Chase Center
  • Thu Aug 22, 2024, Portland, OR / Moda Center
  • Sat Aug 24, 2024, Vancouver, BC / Rogers Arena
  • Sun Aug 25, 2024, Seattle, WA / Climate Pledge Arena
  • Wed Aug 28, 2024, Sacramento, CA / Golden 1 Center
  • Fri Aug 30, 2024, Los Angeles, CA / Crypto.com Arena

Insano World Tour Europe Dates

As soon as the North American leg of the tour ends, Kid Cudi will take a little break. And then, once the new year starts, Cudi will return to touring again, only on a new continent. The second part of the world tour is in Europe during 2025.

Here are all the European dates:

  • Thu Feb 27, 2025, Hamburg, Germany / Barclays Arena
  • Fri Feb 28, 2025, Berlin, Germany / Uber Arena
  • Sun Mar 2, 2025, Oberhausen, Germany / Rudolf Weber-ARENA
  • Mon Mar 3, 2025 Amsterdam, Netherlands / Ziggo Dome
  • Wed Mar 5, 2025, Milan, Italy / Forum Milano
  • Sat Mar 8, 2025, Paris, France / Accor Arena
  • Sun Mar 9, 2025, Brussels, Belgium / ING Arena
  • Wed Mar 12, 2025, Dublin, Ireland / 3Arena
  • Fri Mar 14, 2025, Birmingham, UK / Resorts World Arena
  • Sat Mar 15, 2025, Manchester, UK / Co-op Live
  • Tue Mar 18, 2025, London, UK / The O2

If you want to attend the Insano World Tour in 2024 and 2025, you can find the tickets HERE.