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10th June 2021 | Category: Concerts

Khruangbin are filling up their tour schedule for the next year or so with festival appearances and big headlining shows. They recently announced a second Red Rocks show (September 20 & 21), which will mark the trio’s Red Rocks headlining debut. The band previously opened for Vulfpeck at Red Rocks in 2019.

Besides the Red Rocks show, Khruangbin has a number of tour dates on the horizon in 2021. Upcoming stops include appearances at festivals like Omaha, NE’s Maha Festival (July 31), St. Charles, IA’s Hinterland (August 8), Lexington, KY’s Railbird Festival (August 28 & 29), Franklin, TN’s Pilgrimage Festival (September 26), Miami, FL’s iii Points (October 22), Live Oak, FL’s Suwannee Hulaween (October 31), and more.

In 2022 they’ll headline Radio City Music Hall on March 9 & 10 with Nubya Garcia also on the bill.

“Touring is a drug,” bassist Laura Lee Ochoa says. “You play a show, there’s adrenaline rushing around. You wake up the next morning with your comedown and you play another show. If you’re on a 10-week tour, you’re talking about a major comedown. That’s not taking into consideration the emotional aspect of 70% of your interactions on the road being with people who are approaching you as the person in this band, this person that’s on stage, not the person that goes to sleep at night. It’s distorting. I hadn’t realized how much all that had affected me until last year [2019].”

Khruangbin released its third album Mordechai on June 26, 2020.

The album’s title and decision to write lyrics this time was inspired by a camping trip Ochoa took with old friends. Through them, she met a man named Mordechai and his two sons. She hiked with him to the top of a waterfall, which she jumped in. 

“I felt it washed me of something,” says Ochoa. “I was having all these thoughts about everything. It felt nice to have a symbolic moment where I was jumping into letting go in a way.

“Mordechai and his family are orthodox Jews and they take Sabbath every week. After I came back to Houston, I basically took one. I spent 24 hours in silence. It’s not exactly what they do, but it was my own version. I didn’t listen to anything. I tried to not talk to myself in my head. I just wrote. That was really therapeutic. We’ve never been a lyrical band. Most of the time we didn’t know what to write about. When I started writing, I realized, there’s plenty.”

Info about the Khruangbin tour dates is listed here.

KHRUANGBIN 2021/2022 Tour Dates

Show date and time: July 31, 2021 – June 11, 2022

Show location: Maha Festival, Aksarben Village, Omaha, NE – NOS Primavera, Porto, Portugal

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